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PayPal is integrated with Magento and easy to set up

PayPal is integrated with Magento and easy to set up

PayPal Express Checkout                

Convert buyers who prefer paying with PayPal. If you already accept credit cards online, add this payment button to your site to tap into the millions of shoppers who prefer paying with PayPal.

Businesses reported an average 18% increase in sales after adding Express Checkout1. Millions of PayPal customers worldwide love the convenience and security of PayPal, where they can pay from their PayPal balance, debit or credit card,
Bill Me LaterĀ® credit line, or bank account. The PayPal logo also reassures buyers who may be unfamiliar with your website. Plus, our built-in mobile checkout means your smartphone customers will be happy too.

A PayPal button can help boost sales:

Offering PayPal can increase your sales by 18% on average1
You get paid up front when buyers select Bill Me Later2
Express Checkout gives customers a quick and easy way to pay
Customer information stored in PayPal accounts speed checkout
Offer your customers an additional
payment option
Add Express Checkout to any existing
payment gateway

Get Started with PayPal Express Checkout

Find out how easy it is to implement Express Checkout on
Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition.

1 In an independent survey by Ipsos Public Affairs in July 2010, online merchants reported an average 18% increase in sales since adding PayPal Express Checkout.
2 Bill Me Later is subject to consumer credit approval, as determined by the lender, WebBank, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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