2015 Holiday Commerce Marketing Guide

September 14, 2015

By: Marketing Team,


2015 Holiday Commerce Marketing Guide

Originally posted on eBay Enterprise.

Back to school shopping is behind us and the holiday shopping season is upon us. Which means it’s time for retailers to start preparing for the holiday shoppers and the 14% increase in peak eCommerce sales that is projected this year. On top of this growth, consumer expectations and shopping behaviors are continuously shifting creating an even more complex puzzle to solve.

So, what’s fueling these dynamics? We dove into the data and found three emerging trends that are facilitating the growth and behavioral changes that retailers should consider in their holiday planning:

  1. The growing share of mobile sales: For the first time ever, mobile traffic exceeded desktop on Thanksgiving 2014, reaching 52.1%.

  2. Improved payment and fulfillment options: Easier checkouts were noted by 50% of US digital shoppers as a main factor that would cause them to spend more of their shopping budget on mobile. Consumers also loved the convenience of in-store pick-up with 42% of eBay Enterprise clients seeing big increases in 2014 in store fulfillment.

  3. Increased dominance of search and email as key traffic drivers: During 2014 Thanksgiving weekend, email was by far the primary marketing channel driving eCommerce orders, accounting for 23.1% of all orders. Overall, search remains the primary channel that drives traffic, with 38.5% of online transactions originating from organic/paid search.

Understanding the implications of these trends and how to not only address them but embrace them in your 2015 holiday planning will position you for success this holiday season.

Download our 2015 Holiday Commerce Marketing Guide for the latest data, insights and strategies that will help you drive engagement and conversions through the season.

Happy Holiday Planning!

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