3 Mobile Takeaways From Beauty Brands

March 11, 2014

By: Marketing Team,


3 Mobile Takeaways From Beauty Brands

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand in the real world and in the virtual world of ecommerce. Both keep a finger on the pulse of new trends, looks and technologies. Both push the bleeding edge of customer engagement. At today’s Retail Business Technology Expo in London, Jonny Stewart, Senior eCommerce Manager in Europe for Perricone MD, and Demetra Pinsent, CEO of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd., joined Tom Lodge, Senior eCommerce Architect at Magento to reflect on their experiences in putting their best foot forward with mobile in a session entitled, “The Future of Mobile Commerce.”

Both Perricone MD and Charlotte Tilbury took a strategic view of mobile, and spent significant time and effort thinking through how best to optimize their content for mobile as well as how to maximize engagement through unique touch-points in their respective customers’ journeys. Here’s what they shared:

Less is More

Perricone MD had a lean development budget when it came time for them to move into mobile, so they opted to keep it simple. Rather than implementing a fully-responsive design or a separate mobile site, both of which would have required significant time and budget, they utilized Magento Enterprise Edition’s built-in HTML5 template to display their site appropriately for the user device. They focused their mobile design on rethinking content and navigation, with headers that gave customers options to drill down, and they tracked user behavior to streamline further. “One of the main benefits of taking this adaptive approach has meant that we can work on optimising this template with true agility, making small updates that won’t compromise the desktop site or conversions,” said Jonny Stewart.

Focus on Content

For Charlotte Tilbury, simplicity came naturally, since they have a small catalog and their main focus is finding new ways to inspire customers. Charlotte Tilbury’s business is driven by content and they are constantly striving to keep things fresh with new videos and new graphic design. “At Charlotte Tibury, we really wanted to recreate the personal experience of working with a make-up artist to the online shop so we incorporated a range of shop-the-look options, video tutorials and a lot of unique product images. The features we’ve built have been simple and keeping to the core, which we executed in extremely visual ways,” says Demetra Pinsent.

Deepen Engagement

Perricone MD and Charlotte Tilbury are also using mobile to deepen their engagement with customers. 

Charlotte Tilbury is beta-testing a Faceprint app, which aims to augment the in-store makeover experience. Perricone MD opted for a responsive approach to its emails so that customers would get a seamless brand experience with emails formatted to their devices. This provided a 31% increase in their CTR on mobile, paired with another 27% increase in mobile conversion.

Both beauty brands agree that, while there are many paths to mobile, the secret to success lies in knowing where mobile fits in your specific customers' journeys with your brand, and in being focused, yet flexible, in optimizing their experience on mobile.