3 Things You Should Be Doing to Manage Fraud

February 6, 2014

By: Magento Partners,


3 Things You Should Be Doing to Manage Fraud

Managing fraud risks is just as crucial as keeping up with current fashion trends. Here are three things you should be doing to manage fraud and protect your store, while still offering a positive checkout experience to your customers:

Monitor Fraud in Real-Time

Always start with the basics.  The tried and true fraud management tools are important to have in your arsenal and, with the proper monitoring, can prevent most online fraud before it occurs. Tools such as Address Verification, CVV/CVV2 Validation, IP Blocking, Negative Database Checking and Order Velocity Monitoring can all be implemented with parameters that best suit your business’ needs.  

Flag Potentially Fraudulent Transactions Before Shipping Goods

Crucial for etailers is the ability to provide operational staff the ability to hold, flag, review, and decline fraudulent or suspicious transactions prior to releasing the order for shipment. This can be achieved through “device intelligence” which assesses card-not-present (CNP) transactions in real-time and combines various data points and device attributes into a score which assist retailers validate their transactions and reduce fraud. For instance, a retailer would especially want to validate the authenticity of a U.S. cardholder making a transaction from a device that is identified as being in a foreign country.

Use Tokenization of Cardholder Data for Repeat Customers

For etailers, a “one-click checkout” helps increase brand loyalty, create repeat customers and create an optimum checkout experience, but it also creates the issue of how to store cardholder data in a PCI compliant manner. Using a PCI certified gateway and leveraging tokenization and storage of customer billing profiles is an ideal way to transmit and store payment data. It also helps you reduce your risk while lowering your cost.

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