3 Ways to Get More Out of Reviews on Your Magento Store

June 9, 2014

By: Talia Shani,

Director of Marketing

, Yotpo

Handshake - Magento Store Reviews

It’s not news that reviews are good for your online store. We all know they can build trust and increase sales. According to research, 63% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase from a store that has reviews and 79%of shoppers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. But that’s not the whole story. Your store can benefit from reviews in a ton of different ways. Here are three creative ways stores on the Magento platform are using reviews with great results.

Adore Me - Product Development

Adore Me is a leading lingerie brand that releases new collections each month. Because the company is constantly developing new products and lines, their reviews help them see what’s working and what’s not.

Stephanie Falcon, VP of Brand Marketing at Adore Me, gives this example: “We were selling a twin set where the customers loved the top but didn’t like the bottoms. We were losing a lot of potential sales from people who only liked one piece of a two-piece product,” she explained. “Because we were able to get so many customer reviews and feedback using Yotpo, we identified the problem and were able to fix it. We kept the top, which our customers loved, but changed the bottom—which was preventing many people from buying this set.”

The Takeaway:

Adore Me is able to take feedback from their reviews and deliver it directly to their product team, allowing them to incorporate real-time feedback into development and design. Even if you’re not developing new products every month, you can do the same in your store. If you’re creating a new product, look at the reviews for other products in that category; they will often contain valuable insights. If you’re trying to find out why an existing product isn’t selling, read your reviews and see if you can’t hone in on where it’s missing the ball.

Nothing is more valuable than knowing exactly what your customers want, and reviews give you that information. Be smart and incorporate it into your product development strategy. (Note: If you want to hear more about this, check out Adore Me’s talk at IRCE in Chicago, June 11-12)

Car Parts King - SEO

At Car Part Kings, “fresh, new content reigns supreme,” says CEO, David Gitman. The company places a high premium on its daily blog and customer experience reviews in order to drive shoppers to their store through search engine results. And they make the most of their reviews by using them to automate their SEO. “Optimising our site manually for millions of long-tail search terms isn’t scalable. Having reviews means our customers can generate these search terms by reviewing a product,” says David. “This way, we are able to turn user-generated content into new customers.” Just two months after implementing an SEO-friendly reviews system, Car Par Kings saw an 8.8% increase in organic traffic.

The Takeaway:

Put your reviews to work for you! Make sure they can be crawled and indexed by search engines, and you’ll be enhancing your SEO without lifting a finger. Using a reviews system optimized for searches means you’ll get your store and products in front of engaged and qualified shoppers, bringing you that much closer to making the sale.

Paradise Fibers - Connecting with Shoppers

Paradise Fibers is a family-owned business with a brick-and-mortar location in Spokane, Washington. Though their offline customers get to enjoy the benefits of connecting with other shoppers and meeting Mom and Dad in the store, they want to make sure online shoppers get the same benefits.

On Paradise Fibers’ product pages, reviews are displayed side by side with a Question and Answer section. A potential shopper has the opportunity to ask questions about a product, so they can make sure they’re getting exactly what they want. These questions can be answered by the store’s staff or past purchasers of that product. Travis Romine, owner and self-proclaimed “Fibermaster General,” says past shoppers are really eager to lend a hand. “Our customers are always jumping in to answer questions, sometimes faster than we can! It’s a great way for shoppers to connect, and helps lighten the load on our staff.” Paradise Fibers also takes the time to respond to the reviews they get. “My team loves going over the reviews and responding personally to them,” says Travis. “It allows my staff to get a morale boost, while building a firmer connection with our customers.”

The Takeaway:

Letting customers connect to each other and with your team creates a community around your store, which enhances their overall experience and increases loyalty. When you make it easy for your shoppers to ask product questions, you help eliminate whatever is stopping them from making a purchase. Furthermore, giving past shoppers the opportunity to answer drives them back to your store and makes them feel like they are a part of the team. When customers get a response to their reviews, they know someone on the other end is listening and this makes them more loyal to your store.

Reviews can do more for your store than build trust and increase sales. When used correctly, your reviews can help you create better products, generate qualified traffic through SEO, and help you connect with your users. As a store owner, it’s not enough to simply have reviews, you need to ask yourself: are you making the most of your reviews?

Talia Shani is the Content & Community Lead at Yotpo, a Magento Gold Partner and leading reviews solution that helps you get tons of reviews and use them to generate qualified traffic and more sales. Over 50,000 stores worldwide use Yotpo to get dramatically more reviews. Yotpo is a free app, available on Magento Connect, where they are also offering a free 30-day trial of their Premium service to Magento platform users.