7 Companies That Are Redefining Their eCommerce Business With Magento

December 9, 2019

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Is your eCommerce business meeting the needs of modern day B2B and B2C buyers? If the answer is no, then you could be missing out on a big opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Today’s buyer journey isn’t linear, which is forcing companies across all industries to adjust their offerings and strategies. Many have turned to Magento Commerce for its fast go-to-market, flexibility, and robust ecosystem of partners and developers.

In this roundup, we will take a look at how the highly flexible Magento eCommerce platform is helping B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies positively transform their eCommerce businesses. 

Material Banks' Innovative UX

New York-based publishing and design solutions company, Material Bank, wanted to help architects and designers find the right materials from hundreds of manufacturers, get them shipped out quickly – and for free. 

The company tapped Magento Commerce 2 because "The extreme flexibility of the platform allowed us to mold it into our vision," said Peter Fain, COO of Material Bank.

In partnership with Something Digital Material Bank used Magento Commerce 2 and integrated a custom-built ERP, to make its site more user friendly.  "The UI and UX are groundbreaking and strongly represent our brand," said Fain. "We could not have done this with any other platform."

The Material Bank website now offers lightning-fast search, beautiful imagery, and clean and comprehensive data. And the results speak for themselves: The site has seen a 200% increase in client onboarding and a 350% increase in vendor sourcing.

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Saddleback Leather Ups eCommerce Sales With Magento

While the Saddleback Leather brand was rapidly growing, the company’s eCommerce operation was holding it back. In partnership with Magento solution partner, Kensium, Saddleback launched a new Magento eCommerce website with the aim of  delivering more meaningful and engaging shopping experiences to customers.

The switch to Magento Commerce resolved performance problems, improved SEO, and boosted conversion rates through A/B testing. Using the multi-site versatility of the Magento platform, Saddleback Leather was also able to expand its product line and use a shared shopping cart with its sister brand, Love41. 

The result? Website users jumped 57%, conversion rates rose 17.5%, and the average order value was up 8%. Not to mention that overall sales were up.

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SHOEBACCA.com: Meeting eCommerce Needs Across Sales Channels

SHOEBACCA.com launched a full-scale eCommerce website in the spring of 2007. In a few short years, the company became a leader in the online footwear market and needed to transition its eCommerce business to an eCommerce platform that could better meet customer needs. 

Working with solution partner Kensium, the company migrated to Magento Commerce 2.1: "We wanted a fully integrated solution that could handle our eCommerce needs across multiple sales channels, a warehouse management system, and finance – one that could also handle a high degree of customization," said Thomas Finney, CTO of SHOEBACCA.com. 

The migration gave SHOEBACCA.com the ability to streamline its customer service, manage its massive product catalog, and also connect the backend to multiple marketplaces and drop-ship service providers. 

Total marketplace sales increased by 30%, and overall traffic increased by 25%. More customers were arriving to the site, staying longer, and, most importantly, buying and spending more. Since it launched its revamped eCommerce business, total sales have increased a staggering 1,400%.

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Catbird Goes Mobile To Increase Conversions

Known for creating cool, captivating, custom jewelry, Catbird decided to move from Magento Commerce 1 to Magento Commerce 2 when it realized that the bulk of its buyers were coming from mobile. Creating a mobile commerce experience became the priority. 

"We wanted our customers to experience our brand with a sense of discovery and curiosity," said Anna Mikkelsen, eCommerce Director at Catbird. "We needed better storytelling through content pages, high-quality product detail pages, and more intuitive navigation to help cultivate our customer base, and communicate our vision." 

Together with Imagination Media, Catbird relaunched its web store, adding in new functionalities such as stock availability, lead-time messaging, custom gift messaging, wish list functionality, and same-day shipping.

Catbird also created a custom mobile commerce theme that was independent of the desktop store. The new site has a clean, simple, and straightforward navigation with a backend that has easy to adjust core functionalities and is completely customizable. "Our content is easier to manage...we are more nimble and able to evolve and match our on-site experience with our campaigns," said Mikkelsen. 

Mobile optimization helped Catbird increase conversion by 17% and increases mobile revenue by 39%. 

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Marc Fisher Footwear Manages Multiple Brands With One Centralized Platform

Marc Fisher Footwear wanted to unify its three footwear brands—Easy Spirit, Nine West, and Marc Fisher Footwear—under one centralized eCommerce Platform. The challenge: maintaining the unique visual identity of each of the three eCommerce businesses.

Working with Mediaspa, the company created a "mothership of sites" on Magento Commerce 2 to house all current and future brands under the Marc Fisher umbrella. The company created a novel experience where each site retained its distinct brand look – but also shares the cool features and flexibility offered by Magento. This includes a pre-ordering functionality that delivers future shipping date notifications, a smooth user experience, responsive videos, engaging calls to action, and product quick-views with customizable color swatches. They can also spin up subsequent sites in less than two months. 

Mark Fisher is already seeing conversion increases of 24% and revenue increases of 10% on its Nine West site.

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A Global Omnichannel Revolution for Komax S.A.

Komax S.A is a South American retail group that represents more than 15 international fashion brands. The parent company has 147 physical stores, including 114 in Chile and 33 in Peru.

Key to meeting the omnichannel needs of its customers were website features such as express shipping, buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), ship-to-store, and ship-from-store. The aim was to build a flexible omnichannel website that could support 17 brands in multiple countries.

“Magento is our key partner and cornerstone to achieving our ambitious omnichannel development plan in Latin America,” said Mario Suazo Komax eCommerce & Omnichannel Manager, Komax S.A. 

Working with solution partner Formax, Komax S.A. created a multi-site structure in Magento Commerce 2 on which to develop the new sites quickly. In 10 months, Komax S.A. migrated eight existing sites from its old platform onto Magento Commerce, and in a record six months, the company rolled out nine new branded sites in Chile and Peru. 

The results were staggering. Across the board, Komax S.A. enjoyed sales growth of 15%, and a 0.5% increase in conversion rate.

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Pino’s Flexible B2B2C Solution In The Cloud

As a company that develops wellness and therapy products, Pino has seen great success after upgrading its website to Magento Commerce.

In partnership with, TechDivison, Pino built out a site that would meet and exceed customer's expectations. "We got more involved with Magento. The Amazon experience had changed customer expectations," said Martin Mannowetz, Pino's eCommerce Manager, "and as a merchant, we needed to live up to their standards."

The new website allowed Pino to achieve a competitive advantage with a custom-built therapy table configurator. Customers could configure their own therapy table with tiered pricing. "We learned that when we show prices, we attract more customers," explained Mannowetz. Once Pino activated Magento's custom features and flexibility, it was able to display product prices on therapy tables and saw double conversion rates.

“We now sell to B2C customers, so it’s an open shop,” Mannowetz said. “We have one site for both B2C and B2B.”

Pino was also able to go to-market in four weeks and noted that the performance of the new site had massively improved using the Magento Commerce, which also helped reduce the cost of running the shop by 50%.

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Final Take

No matter what type of business, from a boutique B2C to large B2B2C healthcare networks, having the right eCommerce platform is key to success in today’s digital world. Magento Commerce is pushing the boundaries and empowering customers to rethink and revolutionize their eCommerce strategies. Learn more.   


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