Amazon Prime Day: Two Key Takeaways

July 11, 2017

Amazon Prime Day: Two Key Takeaways

Amazon changed the face of digital commerce with Prime, their 2-day shipping phenomenon. There are now 85 million Prime customers in the U.S.—that’s up 35 percent on last year. Here’s what we can learn from the Prime success story.

Tailor shopping experiences to your customers’ needs

Amazon customers wanted grocery shopping to be as easy as ordering books. With the addition of “Fresh” and “Prime Pantry,” Amazon disrupted the grocery industry and delighted their customers with fast doorstep delivery.

Magento customer Fraport also listened to their customers. Frankfurt Airport serves 61 million travelers a year, and has over 300 retail outlets. To turn these travelers into customers, Fraport designed an eCommerce system that allowed shoppers to buy in the air and pick-up on the ground. All this was built using Magento Commerce.

Win customer loyalty with a ‘value’ proposition

Amazon Prime adds value by offering lightning fast 2-day delivery, but it’s also a loyalty system that Amazon uses to build a killer CRM database. You can expand your own customer database by adding more ways for your customer to shop.

Some Magento customers, including Shinola, use pre-order to make sales before products are available. Graze is famous for its subscription model, but decided to offer a traditional retail option for some products, to capture buyers who want to try before subscribing.

Remember, it’s all about being flexible.

Happy Amazon Prime Day!