cloud.IQ Offers Conversion Tools to Turn Abandoned Carts Into Sales for Online Retailers

November 8, 2013

By: Marketing Team,


cloud.IQ Offers Conversion Tools to Turn Abandoned Carts Into Sales for Online Retailers

Over 70% of shoppers recently admitted to sometimes abandoning carts while browsing online (OnePoll). This problem can be fatal for eCommerce businesses which have to offer their customers the best user experience possible, or risk losing sales to the competition. To solve these issues for online retailers, Magento Silver Industry partner cloud.IQ developed a cloud-based tool to remarket shoppers and ultimately, convert more sales, and cloud.IQ has already helped many businesses turn these abandoned carts into sales.

In August 2013 Alpine Elements started using cloud.IQ’s cartRecovery tool to track and recover abandoned carts by automatically remarketing, across multiple channels, to customers who drop out during the checkout phase. “Since implementing cartRecovery we have experienced at least a 25% increase in bookings, which is hugely significant,” says James Hardiman, founder and director of Alpine Elements. “We figured that people browsing online might abandon their basket on our site for a number of reasons. There are specific challenges for the travel sector. Many holidays are high value, can be complex and so people shop around more; people often want to talk to someone as there are the inevitable questions around quality of accommodation, insurance and more that need to be answered.”

For some customers, it’s even unleashed a new source of revenue. Outdoor clothing retailer SealSkinz implemented cartRecovery and consequently managed to avoid creating a website, full of so many features, that it would inevitably have become clunky and slow. The cartRecovery tool was an “absolute no brainer” in terms of return on investment, says Jez Wilson, Head of eCommerce at SealSKinz. Now 10-25% of SealSkinz’s total revenue comes from the sales made from originally abandoned carts.

Wilson also said, “Online retailers can reduce cart abandonment by improving their site layout, but there will always be those customers who drop out of a sale before it is completed. Not everyone will respond to re-engagement, but by placing a simple tag on our site and sending automated emails we have increased our sales.”

Across the board, the cloud.IQ reports that their tools have boosted their customer’s revenue by 5%.

To get merchants started, the free app audits a website’s abandoned shopping cart traffic and, using certified analytics, identifies the areas of a website which work best. If you want to upgrade to a complete remarketing campaign, there’s just a small, fixed fee but cloud.IQ will do all the set up and are on hand to support 24/7 after implementation.

Find out more about cloud.IQ here and download the free cartRecovery tool from Magento Connect here.