Don’t Leave Me this Way: 5 Ways to Make Sure You’re Not Abandoned this Christmas

August 24, 2017

By: Phoebe Haig,

Marketing Manager

, JH

Don’t Leave Me this Way: 5 Ways to Make Sure You’re Not Abandoned this Christmas

Today, cart abandonment is cited as a big problem for eCommerce businesses and continues to grow. Abandonment has reached 77%, according to Clickz, and though some abandonment has to be expected, that’s still a pretty depressing figure: Only a third of your browsers will complete their purchase.

This hits harder during the Holidays, by far the busiest season for eCommerce brands. With some retailers making up to around 40% of their yearly revenue in quarter four, there's no margin for risk when it comes to making sure cart abandonment is kept to an absolute minimum. With a little help, you really might be able to view it as part of your funnel.

So, what can you do now to prepare for abandonment at peak? With eight years experience helping clients make sure their site is ready, here’s our advice for skyrocketing sales and quashing potential abandonment.

1. Answer Questions Promptly

Live chat provides an excellent channel for providing immediate assistance to online shoppers. However, the holiday sales rush can overload support staff and leave online shoppers waiting in line to have a simple question answered. Provide answers to shoppers questions in a seamless way to keep them engaged and shopping on your site.

2. Use Thumbnail Images

During the build up to the holidays, most customers are in serious shopping spree mode. So a progress indicator, including thumbnail images of the products they’ve placed in their cart can be a reassuring reminder of what they’re actually doing on the site!

Think about it like this: When you buy something in a bricks-and-mortar, you can see whatever you’re buying right there. By including thumbnail images of products in the customer’s cart, you’re eliminating the possibility of distraction, specifically of the hesitation a customer might experience if they can’t immediately remember what they’re buying.

3. Be Upfront About Extra Costs

Statistia found that 56% of shoppers said that being presented with unexpected costs is the reason they leave without completing their purchase. The story goes something like this: They find an item they want, so they click ‘Add to Cart’. But when it comes to checking out, there’s an additional fee that wasn’t clearly mentioned elsewhere. Suddenly the customer feels unsure about whether it’s a good deal or not, or—worse still—whether they’re being ripped off, and decide to look elsewhere before buying their all-important Christmas presents.

Online retailers can cut down on abandoners by being upfront about shipping and other costs. Offering free and quick delivery is always a great way to persuade shoppers to convert to customers, but most crucially, be open from the outset. Display any extra fees or charges prominently on your site, and include a shipping calculator on every product page. This will help give customers a better overall picture of what sort of total they can expect. Then they’ll be able to choose products accordingly and go into the checkout process prepared.

4. Create Urgency

A successful technique at any time, but never more so than in the lead-up to the holidays. Some tried and tested ways for turning holiday shopping browsers into buyers:

  • Present an expiration on any discount shown

  • Include bonuses available to the first 1,000 purchasers of a certain product

  • Promote offers such as ‘buy now and get a free related item'

  • Simplifying checkout is vital: Remove distractions to simplify the path to purchase for your customers

Urgency is best conveyed through strong copywriting, which means your message should be constantly refined and tested to discover the best-performing urgency techniques. Test and tweak accordingly through your data.

5. Measure It

You can’t solve cart abandonment if you’re not measuring it. And it’s easy and free to measure on your analytics tool. Just make sure you setup your conversion goals and funnels correctly. You can also look at your abandonment rate by segment, product type, or cart value to find more specific problems and opportunities to decrease abandonment and increase conversions. We recommend taking a look at Magento Business Intelligence if you’re not already utilizing this new and powerful platform.

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