Four Merchants Win Big Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP System with Magento Commerce

October 9, 2019

Four Merchants Win Big Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP System with Magento Commerce

A well-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and eCommerce platform can elevate the customer experience, accelerate revenue growth, and inject a healthy dose of operational efficiency into your back end processes. With these benefits, you’d expect ERP-commerce integrations to be a universal standard. However, these projects present unique challenges, requiring system expertise, careful planning and resource investment in order to be successful. Learn how four merchants achieved success with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP integrations with Magento Commerce.

Integrating Your ERP and Commerce Platforms Saves Time and Headaches

By their nature, ERP system integrations are complicated to execute, even for the most technically capable merchants. While you might think your team has the chops to complete an ERP system integration in-house, you’ll absolutely need the support of an experienced partner who is well versed in ERP-commerce integration. This will ensure you're able to quickly mitigate any unforeseen challenges, including site downtime, project delays, and cost overruns.

Yes, an ERP system integration is a challenging venture but consider the consequences of continuing to use manual processes to transfer data from one system to another. It’s an expensive, time-consuming practice where a single instance of operator error can dramatically compromise the customer experience. These incidents will in turn force you to divert resources away from more important matters, such as growing your business.

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics and Magento Commerce, your logistics workflows will benefit immensely from multiple improvements including:

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry and related human errors

  • Accelerate workflow processes requiring simultaneous data from both systems

  • Standardize product listings to reflect the latest, most accurate inventory information

  • Surface deeper insights into overall business performance across multiple channels

While a project of this scope requires considerable preparation, take comfort in knowing you won’t be the first to take such a bold step. Thousands of B2B and B2C merchants have integrated Magento with a variety of ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, Infor, Epicor, Sage, and more. Working with an ERP system best suited to your business needs is the best way to ensure a successful integration which transforms your customer experience and operational efficiency.                       

Four merchants chose a Magento ERP integration, grew fast, and won big

Canadian furniture manufacturer. Legendary boxing equipment. Off-roading products. Digital service provider. The following merchants hail from different industries, each facing their own unique challenges. But they all found a common solution by integrating Magento Commerce with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP, achieving big business wins in the process.

How Merchants Win Big Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP System with Magento Commerce

Structube Triples Online Orders

For Canadian furniture maker Structube, the goal was to provide their customers with a true omnichannel shopping experience. Unfortunately, their dated point of sale (POS) and management systems were incapable of real-time information updates, handicapping workflows and stalling order fulfillment.

Working with Magento Solutions Partner Absolutnet, Structube integrated their new POS system and Microsoft Dynamics ERP environment with the Magento platform. This enabled Structube to streamline their back-end logistics, perfect their inventory management, and accelerate fulfillment processes.

Thanks to their successful integration, the Structube team delivered on their brand promise of a true omnichannel experience. Customer reception was overwhelmingly positive, reflected in substantial eCommerce growth, with organic, search-driven sales doubling in one year.

Everlast Knocks out a Faster, Smarter Shipping Solution

When customers order boxing equipment from Everlast, they expect their orders to arrive faster than a flurry of right jabs and left hooks. Although Everlast was already running Microsoft Dynamics AX, they lacked the technical means to establish a real-time connection with their Magento Commerce platform, forcing them to rely on manual order processing.

With order discrepancies and slow fulfillment affecting customer satisfaction, Everlast chose the eBridge integration platform to span the gap between their ERP and eCommerce systems. Using eBridge’s pre-built connectors, sales orders began flowing in real-time from their Magento Commerce store and directly to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Post-integration, Everlast has been able to automate their manual data entry, eliminating costly errors in the process. And by increasing their systems data exchange, customer service is able to operate with greater efficiency, freeing up resources to focus on business expansion.

Trail-Gear Drives Rapid Growth with an eCommerce Upgrade

When off-roading company Trail-Gear added multiple new brands to their digital lineup, it caused a significant bump in online transactions. Unfortunately, their outmoded cart system struggled to keep pace while their existing eCommerce integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP was plagued with data integrity issues.

Trail-Gear reached out to Magento Solutions Partner i95Dev to migrate their existing eCommerce store to Magento Commerce – a solution capable of scaling with their rapid business growth. The Dynamics ERP system was also re-integrated, ensuring seamless connections between their front and back-end.

By automating a range of critical workflows, the Trail-Gear fulfillment and customer service teams are now better equipped to service their global B2B customer base. And using the multi-store functionality available on Magento Commerce, Trail-Gear is continuing to add new brands to their webstore in confidence.                                   

Digital Services Provider Reinvents their B2B Experience

One business wanted to create a B2B buying experience for their customers so good, it would feel like shopping on Amazon. Additionally, they were looking to harmonize their systems environment and restructure workflows across their marketing, sales, and accounting channels.

The company looked to Magento Solutions Partner Visionet to help lay the foundation for a transformation of their digital B2B website solution. Integrating multiple technologies – including Magento Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system – the fully cloud-enabled eCommerce solution proved itself capable of engaging international buyers across 190 countries in 30 languages.

With their new platform solution in place, the company’s B2B service delivery has been transformed thanks to enhanced accuracy and less data exchanged redundancies. The addition of a flexible customer self-service portal and streamlined workflows has also contributed to substantial time and cost savings.


There’s no denying an ERP system integration project will require a significant investment of your time and resources. But if you’re serious about improving your business performance, download our ERP and Commerce Integration Wins eBook for a closer look at these individual success stories.

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