Here Are The Retail Technologies That Will Impact Your Business Most In 2020

December 9, 2019

Retail Technologies Predictions

Whether you're a large retail enterprise or a small merchant with just one or two stores, technology is no doubt impacting your business and providing seemingly endless opportunities.

That’s precisely what we’ve asked our network of Magento partners, who are eCommerce experts. Here’s what they said:

Charles Desjardins, Executive Vice-President and Partner, AbsolunetRetail Technologies Predictions - Charles Desjardins

"Relentlessly focus on fundamentals. Don’t believe the hype: Successful merchants don’t all have the best tech, and most innovations don’t actually pay for themselves. Getting the fundamentals right, from a business management perspective, is a great indicator of success and profit, and as marketers, it should be our job - no, our mission - to help our customers stay focused on fundamentals and to help them create massive value for their clients and customers. We are hired to help our clients become better versions of themselves.”

Retail Technologies Predictions - Erica MazzucatoErica Mazzucato, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Corra

"PWAs will become instrumental in closing the mobile conversion gap in 2020. Industry experts seem to agree that any business implementing a new commerce experience should consider building a progressive web application. PWAs will allow merchants to achieve lightning page speed, embrace a mobile-first approach, and unlock new channel-agnostic opportunities."

Tom McFadyen, CEO, McFadyen DigitalRetail Technologies Predictions - Tom McFayden

“The disruption of eCommerce marketplaces will accelerate in 2020 as retailers who ‘platform their business’ win [about] 50% of online sales. For example, $60 billion retailer Albertsons launched a transformative marketplace where they collect a healthy sales commission but carry no inventory, do no merchandising, ship no products, etc.”

Dave Meeker, Global Chief Innovation Officer, Isobar CommerceRetail Technology Predictions - Dave Meeker

"AI and, specifically, machine learning will continue to impact retailers overall in the coming year, and the effects will be seen both on and offline through better inventory management, more targeted recommendations, and deeper insights into both the behavior and needs of consumers. But the emerging technology that will have the greatest impact on the consumer experience will be augmented reality as it continues to gain traction among users, making the shopping experience more interactive, personal, and interesting.”

Fatima Said, Managing Director, eWaveRetail Technology Predictions - Fatima Said

“As customization and personalization technologies continue to trend, headless commerce will become the most attractive solution to optimize customer experience and solve complex technology pain points, such as IT dependency, complex user interface, ongoing updates, and slow deployment times. Headless commerce will help future-proof retail organisations and play a significant part in the success and growth of retail businesses in 2020 and beyond.”

Retail Technology Predictions - Leendert Van DelftLeendert van Delft, Vice-President Sales Programs and (Digital) Marketing, Global & Europe, DHL Express

“The ultimate breakthrough: AI! We’re constantly looking to use data to drive innovation. Data-driven deliveries will bring unimaginable levels of quality and optimization. AI is the future and will fuel on-demand deliveries, robots, and mobile warehouses. As data gets better, customers can expect delivery and purchase options up until the moment a package arrives.”

Greg Boone, Co-CEO, Blue Acorn iCi

"In 2020, winning retailers will be investing heavily in Customer Data Platforms with built-in AI capabilities. These intelligent CDPs will aggregate ALL customer data points across ALL sources throughout the ENTIRE customer journey to establish a UNIFIED customer profile and finally delivering seamless, real-time, personalized, customer experiences at scale."

Dustin Coates, Voice Search Lead, Algolia

''Retail will be radically impacted by consumer demand for voice search. To be clear, we’re talking a lot more than simply returning answers to predictable search queries. A seamless voice application will encourage customers to interact with retailers using language that’s natural to them, in a fluid and seamless fashion.''

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