Knowing Magento Also Benefits those in Business Roles

June 30, 2014

By: Marketing Team,


Knowing Magento Also Benefits those in Business Roles

Over 230,000 businesses worldwide use a Magento platform, including some of the world’s biggest brands. The 2014 IR Top 500 list came out recently and Magento is #1 in midmarket, #3 overall, and growing. Increasingly, businesses are finding that their success is dependent on having eCommerce professionals in business roles (from Project and Product Managers to Marketers and Merchandisers), not just the technical roles. As such, knowing how to work with Magento platforms is giving these professionals a growing advantage.

“Based on the feedback we’re getting from our clients, merchandisers and marketers are just as critical to the implementation and management of stores on Magento platforms. Those who are trained in Magento products are a big asset to eCommerce teams,” said Beth Gomez, Head of Magento U. “Similarly, our partners have told us that having an educated client, someone who understand the features and functionality of the platform, can optimize the implementation process and help get the merchant up and running more quickly.”

One Magento U client surveyed noted that they like their clients to be trained as soon as possible, even prior to the discovery and scoping process, so that they truly understand the complexity of the project and are able to look critically at how their data set will integrate with the Magento platform.

Andrejs Antonovs, an eCommerce Project Manager with Scandiweb (projects include Lego Wear, Neye, Rossini Caviar, and Gallin’s Musician Pro Shop), went a step farther than training and recently passed the new Magento Solution Specialist Certification. “From my point of view, certification gives more confidence to the clients and partners you are working with, since it is a confirmation of your knowledge and skills in the specific field you are responsible for.”

Antonovs notes that many of the technical members of his team have received their certifications for the same reasons, and that the Solution Specialist Certification lets their developers know that the business team is on the same page. “I think it gives my teammates and co-workers additional confidence that they can rely on me during decision making processes.” And in the hiring process: “If someone told me that they passed the Solution Specialist Certification, I would be sure that they know Magento features and functionality well enough to suggest the right solution to the client and be part of the development team without going through the education period that we have in our company.”