Magento Partner Blog Roundup: Marketing and Merchandising

July 7, 2014

By: Marketing Team,


Magento Partner Blog Roundup: Marketing and Merchandising

Here are four great Marketing and Merchandising articles from Magento Partners.

“Why the telephone still matters enormously for eCommerce” Crimsonwing

With all the buzz around omnichannel focused on the integration of digital and in-store, we tend to forget the telephone. Yet the reality is that one in three customers still prefer to talk to someone on the phone when purchasing. James Hunt of Crimsonwing offers several stats from a survey done by ResourceTap, a provider of call-tracking software, that highlight the importance of human contact is and the role of phone sales in CRM. Nearly three quarters of marketing managers said that phone sales made up 25% of their sales, and 46% said they made up over 50% of sales.

The results of the survey showed that customers, particularly those over 55 (the age group expected to provide two-thirds of the retail spending growth in the next ten years), are more trusting of businesses that make it easy to contact them by phone. Beyond initial sales, businesses are also finding their telephones useful to their CRM strategies. Phone calls can collect detailed information that isn’t available through an online purchase, giving business teams even deeper insights into what’s working, including the efficacy of their marketing campaigns.

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“Using Brand Voice to Engage New Shoppers” Bronto

Emails and banner ads aren’t the only places merchants should be worried about brand voice and tone; product descriptions (Rebecca Minkoff’s product descriptions evoke an emotional connection to the product, and note that they say “Own it” instead of “purchase”), utilitarian copy, attributes for navigation, and even transactional messaging all offer great opportunities for a pervasive brand voice.

Another often-overlooked brand voice opportunity is navigation, search, sort, and filter terms, which, when targeted to brand identity, can deliver a high degree of relevance for your customers (Stance calls their lookbook “How We Kick it”). Similarly, branded transactional messaging can help you establish and maintain conversations with your customers

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“Do More Selling Within Search: Start Merchandising” SLI Systems

With 43% of customers using search rather than navigation, search results pages are a great place to merchandise, whether or not you have what they’re looking for. Search guru SLI Systems offered some tips from their Big Book of Site Search Tips.

Promotional banners driven by relevant search keywords can encourage a customer to buy, or direct their attention to a related deal. Overriding search results with relevant up-sell and cross-sell items is also an option to redirect customers when you don’t carry what they’re looking for, though SLI advises sticking as closely to the original search term as possible.

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“The Importance of a Millennial Marketing Mindset” Dydacomp

Though Millennials control 21% of discretionary purchasing power in the US, a recent survey shows that retailers are generally ignorant of their buying patterns and unique characteristics. So who are Millennials?

They’re definitely an important group for multi-channel retailers, since Millennials are more than twice as likely to adopt new technologies and the social, mobile, and digital channels that come with them. Fifty-three percent expect a seamless, omnichannel shopping experience as well as extensive and cutting-edge functionality.

Largely because of the technology, social channels are a key place for merchants to connect with Millenials, and develop solid relationships with their brands and products.

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