Masters of Commerce: Marathon Tips for Merchants and Developers

March 14, 2018

By: Amanda Batista,

Head of Global Content

, Magento Commerce

Masters of Commerce: Marathon Tips for Merchants and Developers

One of the most alluring aspects of the Magento Community is the knowledge, skills, and wisdom so widely celebrated and shared by developers, merchants, and partners. We sought a way to celebrate this well of insight in a yearbook of sorts – a celebration of the successes (and challenges) that mentors and moves these individuals and the businesses they support during different phases in their commerce journeys, from implementation to ongoing optimization.

We worked with the 2017 Magento Masters to present their anecdotes and experiences as seasoned platform developers. Turns out, many of them are avid runners, and are no strangers to the adversities and triumphs of the open roads they face on their individual journeys. Much like their developer work, they persevere to find the greatest path to success, and they apply the utmost in personal discipline and self-education to take their projects in stride.

The end result is a portfolio of learnings, a variety of successful stores built, lasting merchant relationships, and the ultimate fodder for our latest eBook, “Masters of Commerce: Marathon Tips for Merchants and Developers”.

The content profiles 20 of the movers and shakers in the Magento developer community, with the following points:

  • Marathon Master: Name

  • Starting Line: Country of Origin

  • Runner’s Edge: Experience and Special Skills

  • Marathon Rituals: Must-have advice for building on Magento (from the source!)

  • Hitting the Wall: Challenging lessons from firsthand experiences

  • Marathon Tip: Advice to maximize the merchant/developer relationship

Check out their stories in the new eBook! (We made each Master his/her own unique caricatures, too!)

Many thanks to our 2017 Masters for their insightful contributions:

  1. Carmen Bremen @neoshops​

  2. Tony Brown @tonegolf71

  3. Ivan Chepurnyi @IvanChepurnyi

  4. Gabriel Guarino @GuarinoMagento 

  5. Phillip Jackson @philwinkle 

  6. Vinai Kopp @VinaiKopp

  7. Sander Mangel @sandermangel

  8. Hirokazu Nishi @hirokazu_nishi​

  9. Brent Peterson @brentwpeterson 

  10. Raphael Petrini @DigitalPianism

  11. Jisse Reitsma @jissereitsma

  12. Sonja Riesterer @sonjarierr

  13. Kristof Ringleff @foomanNZ

  14. Alessandro Ronchi @aleron75 

  15. Marius Strajeru @MariusStrajeru

  16. Anna Volkl @rescueAnn

  17. Matthias Zeis @mzeis

  18. Kuba Zwolinski @snowdog

On your mark; get set; GO! Race to the latest and greatest insights, tips, and Magento platform learnings in our latest eBook: Masters of Commerce: Marathon Tips for Developers and Merchants!