Planning to Upgrade Your Platform? 6 Questions to Ask

January 3, 2018

By: Elizabeth Van Dyke,

Marketing Writer

, Magento Commerce

Planning to Upgrade Your Platform? 6 Questions to Ask

With constant change being the new norm, merchants are faced with continuous adaption to meet shifting customer behaviors. Being on an older platform makes accommodating or mimicking new technology and behaviors more expensive and time-consuming, or may simply not be possible. Additionally, as more and more developers move their focus on new technology, the scheduling and cost of retrofit projects may become prohibitive.

Upgrading your platform is a forward-thinking way of giving yourself new capabilities to future-proof your business and to service rapidly-changing customer needs.

The complexity, and speed-to-market, of a platform upgrade varies by business, so here are a few basic questions you can ask yourself to help you get started with your upgrade planning:

1.Simplifying your site to speed up the upgrade

What can I keep and what can change? What new things do I want to implement? (e.g. what changes do I want to make to taxonomy and product structure, or changes to content)

2.Having the metrics you need

What are my current KPIs? What does my data tell me about how my site could be improved?

3.Intelligently thinking about extensibility

Do I still need them? Which Magento Commerce 2 extensions cover my needs?

4.Accounting for my entire commerce system

What third-party systems (e.g. ERP, accounting), do I integrate with? Do they have Magento Commerce 2 connectors or are custom integrations needed?

5.Ensuring organizational readiness and knowledge

Does the upgrade team have the right knowledge and training? What’s my plan to train end users on how to use the new admin before it goes live?

6.Enabling your upgrade team’s success

Who will be dedicated to the upgrade project, both in-house and external experts? Do they have the necessary support from leadership and other internal teams?