Tips and Trends for Navigating Your Affiliate Program

September 16, 2015

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Tips and Trends for Navigating Your Affiliate Program

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Navigating an affiliate program can be challenging. Consumer behaviors change rapidly, making it difficult for brands to keep up with the pace of change. Successful marketers need partners who can expand their brand’s reach and drive conversions across a full range of mediums—whether online, mobile, or through multiple physical touchpoints. Use the tips outlined below to navigate your affiliate program to success.

1. Anchor Your Affiliate Program with a Variety of Publisher Types

Not all publishers are created equal. Each can drive meaningful value and different kinds of consumers to your brand. For example, it is essential to select traditional publisher types, as well as evolve with the mobile revolution in eCommerce – especially given that the number of adults who redeem coupons on a mobile device is expected to rise from 70% to 82% between 2014 and 2016.

2. Cast a Wide Net With Your Affiliate Program and Lean on Publishers for Support

Omni-channel is an important part of your overall marketing strategy, but creating a seamless consumer engagement experience anytime, anywhere and on any device takes a village. Forty-four percent of senior marketers worldwide cited lack of understanding and resources as challenges for optimizing their omni-channel marketing solution. Establishing a quality publisher network can go a long way in optimizing your affiliate program from an omni-channel perspective.

3. Focus on the Consumer Journey

Marketers often view publishers only as closers in the journey and find difficulty in identifying incremental value, but in reality nearly two-thirds of publisher clicks introduce or influence conversion. It is essential to know how, when and where publishers influence your customers across devices and channels so you can tailor your affiliate program and commission structures to improve and effectively measure ROI.

For additional tips and trends and to see how you can achieve success with your Affiliate program, download our infographic.