Why Merchants and Agencies Love the Mobile Conversion Initiative

December 20, 2018

By: Paul Byrne, President , Razoyo

Why Merchants and Agencies Love the Mobile Conversion Initiative | Magento Blog

This article is part of our ongoing Mobile Optimization Initiative series designed to help Magento merchants close the mobile revenue gap.


Rob Long, SI Evangelist of PayPal, walked up to me purposefully while I was playing a game of cornhole at a beer garden on Rainey Street in Austin. We were attending the MageTitans pre-party in late 2017, and it was clear that he was a man on a mission.

Rob explained that he, Jon Higby, and his colleagues at PayPal had been studying mobile conversion and felt that nobody was leading the charge to close the gap with desktop. Even though a majority of the challenges are with the credit card payment experience, PayPal was eager to get a team of agency experts and merchants together to help solve the m-Commerce mystery through data collection and analysis.

“Rob, if I make this shot, Razoyo is in,” I promised. Rob smiled and sipped his beer as the bean bag arched perfectly towards its target, barely touching the edge of the hole. Razoyo became the first participant to commit as an ardent evangelist of the Mobile Conversion Initiative.

In reality, I would have supported the initiative no matter what. Commerce continues its shift to mobile and closing the conversion gap was moving from an academic issue to a business necessity. I knew that our clients—principally mid-tier merchants—would not have the ability to attack the problem on their own. We needed a bigger sample and a lot of data to make this work.

In the early days of the initiative, PayPal recruited not only a small group of development agencies we admire, but, also the likes of Magento and HiConversion. The first cohort mostly succeeded in teaching us how we could collaborate and learn, but we also started seeing some glimpses of early best practices. Collectively, we came up with a format that benefited all participants. PayPal provided the funding, agencies introduced clients to the program and helped frame their participation, HiConversion and Magento Business Intelligence provided the analytics technology and expertise to glean learnings from the results.

Everyone Benefits

While even non-participants can gain from the initiative by keeping up with the learnings on mobileoptimized.org, participants stand to gain even more.

Merchants select the experiments they want to try and learn how changes to their mobile site affect their conversion rates. One of the biggest learnings to date has been that site adjustments affect all merchants differently. What works for one site, may not for another site. It's important for each merchant to run the tests to truly see what best practices hold true for their business.

As an agency, being able to provide learnings to clients at no cost is a great relationship-builder. Razoyo has used results to help our clients embrace the importance of continued testing. HiConversion has really stepped up in this area and created easy-win, easy install testing packages, and fee structures that even smaller clients leverage for a positive ROI for post-test learning.

As a broader eCommerce community, the program has many benefits all around. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Mid-tier (and even upper-tier) merchants in online commerce go head to head with giants. When we come together to solve industry problems like this one, we all benefit.

Where We Go from Here

While the program has come a long way from a conversation during a drinking game on a balmy Texas evening in a very short time, with your participation this can go much, much further. Merchants and developers who would like to participate can sign up at mobileoptimized.org.

Merchants whose developers aren’t participating in the program or who don’t have a developer can request to be matched up with one experienced in the program. Development agencies like Razoyo can help make participation very easy.

Agencies who would like to bring their clients in can get going with the same ease. Those of us who are experienced are happy to help onboard you. Let’s do this!

About Paul Byrne and Razoyo

Paul Byrne, Razoyo’s president, founded the company in 2011 to provide eCommerce services to small and mid-tier businesses. Over the years, Razoyo has built expertise in Magento implementation and is principally focused on empowering mid-tier merchants with world-class design, implementation, and ongoing services. In addition to running Razoyo with his partners Jason Boslow and William Byrne, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and three children and volunteering in his Church.