Your Ticket to Omnichannel Success

April 3, 2018

Your Ticket to Omnichannel Success | Magento Blog

Developing and operating a business made up of multiple, separate channels is no longer efficient or profitable. Today’s online customer demands more. They require a seamless, omnichannel solution.

The drive towards omnichannel commerce is powerful, and industry statistics prove it. Get on board now and your business will gain the advantage over future competitors. See how the commerce industry is evolving – below are a few of the revealing statistics featured in our How to Maximize Omnichannel whitepaper.


Customers expect more.

  • A 30% increase in SKUs is expected for retailers by 2025.

  • 50% of all retailers will adopt an omnichannel eCommerce platform by 2019.

  • 89% of customers use at least one digital commerce channel.


Don’t let customers fall through the cracks.

  • 13% of customers find digital and physical stores are well aligned.

  • 59% of customers are unsatisfied when unable to access the information in a preferred channel.

  • $1.75 trillion USD is lost annually due to overstocking, out of stock goods, and preventable returns.


Build for the future of commerce.

  • There has been a 10% increase in physical store sales due to endless aisle shopping.

  • A 30% increase is expected in profitability for omnichannel adopters due to higher revenues and lower TCO.

  • 3.2x increase in sales for retailers who engage with shoppers through a variety of channels.


The right Order Management System will enable endless aisle shopping, optimize fulfillment, allow global inventory management, and increase BOPUS sales and customer loyalty. The best solution is Magento Order Management. Click here to learn more about Order Management Systems.

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