The 3 Keys to B2B Success by Kravet’s Jesse Lazarus

August 28, 2018

The 3 Keys to B2B Success by Kravet’s Jesse Lazarus

Speaking to Digital Commerce 360, Kravet’s chief process and innovation officer, Jesse Lazarus, has revealed what drives the brand’s innovative eCommerce operations. He said: “It’s incredibly important to resist assuming you already know what your customers want and need.”

Established in 1918, the home furnishings brand was founded by Samuel Kravet, a tailor from Russia who arrived in New York and began working for the city’s most wealthy citizens. Kravet and his four sons started selling fabric to the interior design trade, and today, after a hundred years of business, the brand has become the industry’s primary resource for fabrics and furnishings. Kravet is known for a phenomenal digital presence, and now Lazarus has shared the secrets to the company’s B2B success…

Jesse Lazarus of Kravets | Magento Blog

1. The Customer is King
Lazarus said: “Suppliers need to bring the threshold to the customer, rather than waiting for that customer to come to the supplier. B2B buyers are consumers in their own right, and their desire for service and availability is shaped by the digital environment where they do their own private shopping. The playing field has shifted to where customers dictate where their shopping interface needs to exist...sometimes online, sometimes in person, and other times over the phone/email/chat.”

Magento Commerce has powered Kravet since 2016, delivering a seamless customer experience. In March of 2018, they worked with Magento Enterprise Partner Something Digital to upgrade to Magento Commerce 2, consolidating various content and transactional sites and three brand families into one powerful site. By adding a 360-degree product view and a custom configurator, Kravet makes it easy for interior designers to visualize their style choices on a number of furniture frames. As buyers make choices, updated pricing is pulled from the ERP in real-time. Most interior designers’ buying process begins with requesting samples, so Kravet focused on making that as simple as possible. And a mobile-first strategy helps Kravet reach their on-the-move users, while improving SEO performance and attracting new customers.

2. Keep it Simple

Lazarus said: “Digitally, the challenge can be about building a front end that can provide not only content but also simple functionality where the website can deliver both education and ease of shopping.”

Kravet’s B2B site is a powerful blend of commerce and content. They integrated eye-catching lifestyle photography to spark ideas, added engaging short-form videos, and an active WordPress blog to provide inspiration, with guest content by notable designers. By providing sales sheets with product detail, images, and configuration options, they also made it easy for interior designers to sell their products to their clients. It was Kravet’s upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 that allowed them to deliver more dynamic content: they took advantage of the simple admin experience, flexible APIs, and native support for Magento PageBuilder to deliver more dynamic content. They also used the upgrade as an opportunity to cleanse their categories, making it even easier for users to find the perfect ottoman or decorative fabric.

Kravet's Lifestyle | Magento Blog3. Never Stop Listening
Lazarus said: “It has to be all about the customer experience—the site design, the functionality etc., all has to be determined by customer needs. This is a continuous improvement initiative—customer needs will constantly evolve, and part of the online plan has to be about how to continue to expand the experience and keep delivering to the user’s expectations.”

Kravet migrated from a home-brewed eCommerce solution, and during their upgrade the brand gathered vast amounts of customer feedback through surveys, focus research, and field studies. Lazarus realized that when price and general availability are equal from multiple suppliers, the company with the lowest barrier to entry wins the sale, so he set about making the Kravet site more user friendly. Today, Kravet uses a carousel feature to highlight trending products–previously a labor intensive process. Now they can easily change out products to keep the homepage fresh. They also promote newer, trending collections in a harmonious fashion across all channels, with all content from blogs to sales sheets telling the same story.

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