Can You Guess the Brands Behind These Unbelievable Stats? Number Four is Amazing

April 4, 2017

Imagine 2017 eCommerce Conference

These Magento brands have incredible stats! See if you can guess who they are.

Which Eastern European fashion giant boosted their mobile revenue +237% with Magento? 

Which grocery chain saw their revenue rocket +290% after launching with Magento? 

12 months after launching a Magento-powered webstore, this snack subscription service made a whopping £3 million in sales. Who was it? 

Which luxury food and wine company used Magento to boost their tablet transactions +307%? 

This high-end audio retailer increased their site traffic by +220% after launching with Magento. Can you guess who? 

Which furniture retailer TRIPLED their sales almost overnight, with a Magento shopping experience?

Which wholesale pharmacy company now makes a sale every ONE SECOND thanks to Magento?

Which NBA basketball team used Magento to slam dunk a 150% increase in gross eCommerce sales? 

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