Content & Commerce: A Recipe for Sustained Success

February 25, 2020

By: Greg Bear,


, Bear Group


As an innovative food company active in the craft food movement, Mishima Reserve played a role in launching several restaurants and artisan food brands, including Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and Seattle’s landmark steakhouse The Butcher’s Table. The company supplies some of the most prestigious restaurants and select stores in America with Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Beef. In 2019, Mishima Reserve wanted to make its renowned products accessible to discerning consumers everywhere. Its goal was to both educate and sell its product by bringing the experience of the perfect meal online.

Ordinarily, high-end beef at the level of Mishima Reserve’s Wagyu Beef would only be available through channels exclusive to chefs and restaurant owners. Mishima Reserve offers home chefs the chance to make small, individual purchases of American Wagyu beef to cook and enjoy themselves.

Connecting with Customers

A truly great meal depends on the skill of the chef, the thoroughness of a recipe, and the interplay of ingredients. But it doesn’t begin in the kitchen. The preparation of a perfect meal begins months, sometimes years, before your food is served before you at the table. It begins with the origins of your food.

Mishima Reserve cattle are raised on an American-based Wagyu ranch that follows the same animal husbandry practices followed in Japan. Mishima Reserve represents quality—quality beyond compare or cheap imitation.

Knowing that its website could provide a pivotal first-interaction point for its brand, Mishima Reserve wanted to elevate its online store with a content-first experience that offered recipes, blogs, testimonials, and product information, with, of course, transaction engine Magento Cloud behind it for purchasing.


Experience Bundles

Content is weaved throughout the site, blending recipes with product detail pages (PDPs), merging products with blog posts. Mishima Reserve wanted an “Experience Bundle” feature on its website. These pages showcase several recipes and products aligned with certain occasions, such as “The Ultimate Backyard Barbecue” and the “Perfect Game Day Tailgate.” Website administrators have the ability to build out their Experience pages and create product bundles for purchase in a single click. It’s really fun content to create, including delicious photo shoots, and Magento allows customers to take the next step to then buy that experience and re-create it themselves with friends and family.

Customers start on the Experience landing page—for example, this one for throwing the Ultimate BBQ:


Customers can explore ideas for slow-cooked Back Ribs or the perfect Wagyu Burger, along with sides and all the prep details. Then in a single effort they can order the experience for their number of guests:


Once in the cart, customers have the option to use Amazon Pay. Mishima found this to be a great option for a new brand, which is building trust with its customer base. Initial adoption of this payment method was as high as 60% and has settled over the year to become about 36% of its orders. It both streamlines checkout and provides assurances for customers:


Amazon Pay’s deep integration into the core of Magento Commerce allows customers to log in with their personal Amazon accounts and use their saved address books for delivery and stored credit cards from their Amazon payment methods, all without ever leaving the Mishima Reserve domain:


For much more, come to the upcoming webinar on Feb. 26, 2020, to hear from Walker Lockhart, EVP of commerce at Mishima Reserve, and Greg Bear of Bear Group, the development partner who built and supports this site. We’ll be talking more about how experience commerce works at Mishima, along with other key aspects of its digital customer experience, including its success with Amazon Pay.