A Platform Revolutionizing Patient Management

July 28, 2015

By: Marketing Team,


A Platform Revolutionizing Patient Management

A new breed of health-science company, Nestlé Health Science offers nutritional therapies to change the course of health management for consumers, patients and healthcare partners. The company developed NCare, an innovative application, uniquely tailored for healthcare professionals as an end-to-end platform, that allows them to order, monitor, and manage patients’ nutritional requirements and regimens.

As an industry first, Nestle Health Science was looking to create a revolutionary patient access platform that offered a comprehensive solution to the management of patients’ nutritional requirements and provided them with a procedural efficacy simply not possible on older technologies. In order to succeed, the B2B2C site would need to cater to several interlaced hierarchically structured user roles, each with their own feature requirements and workflows. Amongst its many other unique requirements, the monitoring of patients’ regimens and transfers and the accommodation of order creation on a user-access level basis were key. It would also need to integrate with multiple third party distributor systems and provide individual pricing models differentiated by various factors ranging from geographic location to institutional contract agreements.

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