Winning B2B with B2C Features and Functionality

November 4, 2014

By: Marketing Team,


Winning B2B with B2C Features and Functionality

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Gerald Niznick, a pioneer in dental implant technology, Implant Direct offers over 3,000 products (from implants to biomaterials) as well as educational services to dental surgeons. Their original SaaS site was able to handle about 350 orders per day and it was unable to provide the features they needed to grow their business. They needed a site that could deliver on their B2B needs and provide a customer-focused B2C retail experience.

Implant Direct re-launched on Magento Enterprise Edition in 2013 with new merchandising features including rich images, videos, and a customizer tool for configuring custom-built products that make it easier for customers to shop. To help get the right customers to the right products, the Implant Direct site also utilizes configurable customer profiles—which allow customers to manage access of their users based on area of responsibility (not to mention providing Implant Direct with critical customer data)—and they maintain and share detailed information about the strict government regulations regarding the sale and packaging of dental products. This information also informs their recommended items to make sure the proper products are used together.

Behind the scenes, Implant Direct’s customer service agents are also able to offer a better customer experience directly from the Magento admin panel. With Enterprise Edition, Implant Direct can also assign specific order management functions to its agents, and they are able manage telephone orders in one order entry system. Both functionalities have helped agents keep better track of order history and reduce returns.

Agents can also access the complex government regulation information to advise on which instruments, tools, and materials are needed to go with the products that the dental surgeon has ordered online. “It helps us meet our due diligence as required by government agencies,” says Fawad Rashidi, Implant Direct’s Director of IT and Web Services. “We make sure we’re including all product details from start to finish, making sure doctors make the right decisions.”

According to Rashidi, Implant Direct’s new site has strengthened their relationship with their customers. Not only are their agents better equipped to offer impeccable customer service, the site can now take thousands of orders, and the improved display of product details and images has driven increases in average order values and an increased number of product lines purchased per order.

“We are growing and getting more market share as we educate our existing customers and as more dentists enter the market, and as we’re developing more robust products,” Rashidi says. “And now with Magento, we can continue to scale up.”

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