5 Steps to a Successful Speaking Session

October 6, 2017

5 Steps to a Successful Speaking Session

An inspirational presentation can change the course of your work and potentially the direction of a business. Or in some cases, give way to a moment that influences an entire industry. Do you have the next big commerce idea or an innovative story? Join the ranks of great Magento speakers by showcasing your knowledge at our Imagine 2018 event next April in Las Vegas!

Here are five steps–with examples–for creating a winning Imagine 2018 speaker proposal:

Transforming a Classic American Fashion Brand with Magento 2 - Joshua Warren, CEO & Founder, Creatuity

1. Tell a unique merchant story.

Our audience wants to hear how brands become successful and grow, so share an insightful story about a customer or business. In his recent session, Joshua explained in detail how the Panhandle Western Wear brand ‘bootstrapped’ their way to success.

2. Share the journey, including challenges and pressures.

Digital commerce changes fast. Share the details on how you and/or partner organizations tackled modern pressures or challenges. For example, Joshua itemized the pressures Panhandle Western Wear faced, and shared how they overcame those challenges. 

Ongoing Adventures in Conversion Optimization - Stewart McGrath, CEO & Founder, section.io | Kate Morris, CEO & Founder, Adore Beauty

3. Use real-life examples and statistics.

The audience appreciates details on how to improve a business strategy. Use thorough examples of methods and back them up with statistics and metrics. In this session, Kate and Stewart did an excellent job showing conversion optimization methods and supported their success with stats that clearly demonstrated the business impact.

How Graze is Experimenting Their Way to Growth - Edd Read, CTO & Co-Founder, Graze | Osvaldo Spadano, CEO & Founder, Elastera

4. Offer applications and takeaways for the audience to utilize.

Want to leave an impression? Share best practices and clear takeaways for the audience. In their session, Edd and Osvaldo shared how Graze used LEAN thinking to increase productivity for their subscription services. They also shared key takeaways for applying a LEAN approach to your business.

Thriving in An Amazon World - Adam Morris, CEO, Redstage

5. Provide a unique point of view on digital commerce trends.

The Magento ecosystem is at the cutting edge of innovation. As digital commerce evolves, the audience wants to hear how you are innovating for the future. In his session, Adam confronted a topic that interests many retailers–maintaining success against evolving trends. Give listeners a refreshing perspective and help them innovate their businesses.

Ready to submit an innovative idea or success story? The deadline for the Imagine 2018 call for speakers is Friday, October 13. Submit your proposal today.