6 Tips for Taking Great Events Photos

April 20, 2018

Sean Barnes Photography | Magento Blog

Photos are how we capture memories and share experiences at events, and cell phone cameras have made it easy to take and share as many as we want. So how do you take great photos (especially since they might be online forever)? We asked our Imagine 2018 photographer, Sean Barnes, for help.

Sean’s work has been featured in global advertising campaigns and on albums for major record labels, and he and his team have photographed Magento events for years. Here are his quick tips to make sure you’re taking keepsake-worthy photos that are perfect for social sharing.

1. Light, Light, and Light

Sean Barnes: I see so many shots that people have taken on their phones and they are dark and dreadful. Make sure you have plenty of light. But make sure the light is not directly behind your subject unless a silhouette is your main aim.

2. Take More Than One Shot

SB: Especially of people, take loads of the same shot so you know at least one of them will be good. Well that’s the theory anyway!

3. Make Them Laugh

SB: If you're taking pictures of people, make them laugh, make them animated, make them interesting.

4. Be Creative

SB: This is personal so if you feel like taking the shot upside down on rollerblades at an angle, then do it. Muck about and explore what you can achieve. Don’t stick to the rule book! Make your shots personal.

5. Have Fun with Filters

SB: Use the photo filters on apps, they can transform a photo from an average shot to something really fun. But perhaps putting pink sparkly horns and Elton John sunglasses on your boss might not help you ride the promotional ladder at work. Stick to the color filters.

6. Enjoy Yourself

SB: If the subject knows you’re enjoying it then they will enjoy it too.

Check out some of Sean’s amazing Magento photography from Imagine 2017.

If you’re sharing photos from Imagine 2018, be sure to use #MagentoImagine! Use #RoadtoImagine as you're making your way there.

Sean Barnes Photography Tips | Magento BlogSean Barnes Photography Tips | Magento BlogSean Barnes Photography Tips | Magento Blog Sean Barnes Photography Tips | Magento Blog