7 Essential Accessories for the Entrepreneur From Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin

April 4, 2017

By: Amanda Batista,

Head of Global Content

, Magento Commerce

7 Essential Accessories for the Entrepreneur From Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin

“Find Your Extraordinary” – that’s the title of Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin’s new book, and the ultimate surge of inspiration to kick things off during this morning’s keynote address at Imagine 2017.

The STELLA & DOT Family of Brands (Stella & Dot, KEEP Collective and EVER Skincare) enable more than 50,000 independent business owners in six countries that have earned over $300 million from running their own flexible businesses, sharing over $1 billion in products.

Focused on combatting the stigma of the “shady pyramid scheme,” which Herrin said “horrified” her, Herrin saw a business opportunity. “It felt like [the business] was for the 1950s housewife, and fundamentally I could see what it offered was important,” Herrin said. “It wasn’t just about making money. It was about providing a community that lifted people up. Creating financial choices for people. That spoke to me. It grabbed me by the soul. That’s the happiness business. It’s more than being commercially successful.”

The root of “powering tomorrow” (our theme at Imagine 2017), Herrin emphasized the importance of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, as we all are “Chief Innovation Officers.”

“Many business models are about shoving inventory into people’s closets, and not money in their pockets,” she noted. “But I thought: ‘That’s not a reason not to do this; it’s why I have to do it.’”

Herrin offered many pearls of wisdom to inspire and invigorate our community, including two of the seven “Ps of entrepreneurship, highlighted in her book:

  1. Be positive – Are you actually cultivating a positive mindset so you can learn to see opportunity instead of obstacles?

  2. Be productive – Are you focused on the right idea and positioning yourself or your organization to get it done?

  3. Don’t get daunted – If you don’t cultivate a mind that can change that rapidly and stay focused when you encounter a wall, you won’t innovate fast enough. Get comfortable with walls and seize them as ways to create value.

  4. Outdo your own self – Embody the mentality: “We need to be the company that puts the former us out of business.”

  5. Seize the opportunity around you – “Flexible income won’t ever stop being an important thing,” Herrin noted, of her discovery moment. “I wanted to modernize and create that for people.”

  6. Minimize victim mode and focus your mind on curiosity. “When you get out of that mentality and focus optimistically, you’ll see the answer right in front of you.”

  7. Listen, learn, and adapt— “Learn with data and iterate your business.”

If Herrin’s ongoing success and innovation isn’t the ultimate testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, her confidence, enthusiasm, and passion drive the points home.

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