Content+Commerce: Creating the Ideal Customer Experience in the Digital Age

March 27, 2018

Adobe Summit Post | Mark Lavelle | LinkedIN

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I’m excited to have the opportunity to speak at this year’s Adobe Summit. The gathering invites attendees to “Make Experience Your Business”, which is a perfect call to action for companies that are serious about digital transformation. During the past 20 years, advances in digital technology have allowed leading companies in every industry to rewrite the rules of competing for customers by emphasizing creativity, data-driven insights, and seamless experiences that exceed expectations.  With so many marketers and digital creatives in attendance, I am looking forward to discussing how these leaders win by emphasizing their brands’ “end-to-end” experiences, with friction-free transitions between “Content & Commerce”. These companies make the increasingly complex customer journey look effortless at every touchpoint.    

We’ve witnessed the battle over Content & Distribution play out in the media industry over the past decade. With the rise of companies like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Amazon (and the fall of traditional media and telecom firms), it’s now crystal clear in this multi-screen, rapidly shifting landscape that how a service is delivered is as important as what content is consumed. In similar ways, these dynamics are playing out in the retail industry.  Brands are working harder than ever to capture the attention of their target audience over social media, search engines, marketplaces and physical environments. But once captured, the importance of an immediate and equally compelling experience extending “beyond the buy button” is no less challenging for today’s digital brands.

The Post-Purchase Opportunity

The ubiquitous Amazon-branded brown boxes that pour out of delivery trucks every day is a constant reminder of how much things have changed. More than any other company since perhaps Sears with the introduction of the Sears Catalog, Amazon has upped the experience expectation for every consumer. The broadness of selection combined with an always dependable and increasingly immediate promise to deliver the goods is the hallmark of Amazon’s brand. But it's not just Amazon who figured out the new rules. For innovative brands like Birchbox, Insta-Cart, Frank & Oak and Stitch Fix, to name just a few, the surprise and delight that happen beyond the “Buy” button are helping to redefine what great experiences look like in their categories. 

While each brand has a unique story that compels loyalty from their customers, there are common patterns from which others can learn. “Buy Buttons” aren’t only on native websites – they are everywhere your customer is spending time. Payment capabilities need to be global and localized. Offering the broadest assortment of inventory doesn’t mean you need hundreds of warehouses. The “last mile” is getting easier to access with changes in home technology and carrier innovations. 

Content and commerce capabilities are inextricably linking in this fast-moving world. Brands that engage customers with compelling messages, personalized content, and deliver the goods in a manner that is ultimately satisfying and delightful will win the future of retail.

Are you prepared to deliver this customer experience?

Join me during Adobe Summit, and let’s explore more opportunities to build customer lifetime value and win beyond the “Buy” button.

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