Kicking Off #RoadToImagine

April 1, 2016

By: Kuba Zwolinski,

Founder SNOW.DOG & Organizer of Meet Magento Poland


Kicking Off #RoadToImagine

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Conferences are the connective tissue of the IT industry, and even more vital for open source related businesses. They're the perfect opportunity to create new concepts, identify new trends, trade crazy ideas, forge solid partnerships, and build lasting relationships. I believe the most interesting projects happen when people connect business with passion. And honestly, Magento’s Imagine conference has more than its fair share of all of these elements.

So it’s only fitting that the idea for our #RoadtoImagine journey was born at—you guessed it—Imagine. While standing around a pool at the Magento Imagine 2015 After Party, Steve, Brendan, Bret and I were talking about Magento related topics. There was a lot to discuss: I work with an agency, Brendan is a front end designer, Steve works with an extension, and Bret is a Magento merchant; we are a microcosm of the entire Magento community!

After sampling the beer selection, we found we also shared another common passion: motorcycle adventures. We were connected not only by our passion for Magento, but also this passion for adventure. 

After swapping stories about trips we'd each been on and the motorcycle models we ride (and continued sampling the beer selection), we came up with some more abstract ideas. One of us proposed we should go on a motorcycle journeytogetheron our way to Imagine 2016. Initial ideas were varied and included off-road routes through the deserts of Utah and Nevada, as well as a Continental Divide ride that started all the way up from Canada! All of the ideas shared one element: it must be an amazing adventure.

We finished that night with excitement and anticipation, that we were going to do it! Four friends, connected by Magento and a common passion. 

Fast forward a few months and our plans started to come together. With each email, new details were finalized. Next thing you know, we registered a domain and built the website. It came naturally to a bunch of people who worked online! 

Day after day, month after month of preparations, we got closer and closer to this very special moment.

I'm now packed and hopping on a plane in Poland for a 20-hour journey to see my friends againand to embark on our amazing adventure.

The most important part is that it's not just a motorcycle trip. It's a true community adventure where we go around the country, visit other Magento merchants, developers, and enthusiasts.

We invite you to follow our journey as we reveal each day's route. And, if you happen to be along our route, tweet us and come out to meet us!

If you can't meet up with us in person en route, connect with us online and join the Magento Community as they make their respective #RoadToImagine journeys to Imagine 2016. So share and hashtag your #RoadToImagine on social media for a chance to get some exclusive #RoadtoImagine swag.

Meet us on the way, follow us on social media or just have a beer with us at Imagine when we finally arrive.