Mark Lavelle’s Imagine 2014 Keynote Full of Good News

May 13, 2014

By: Marketing Team,


Mark Lavelle’s Imagine 2014 Keynote Full of Good News

Mark Lavelle, SVP of Product and Strategy for eBay Enterprise, took the stage at Imagine 2014 and hit the ground running with the announcement of today’s release of Magento Community Edition v1.9 and Enterprise Edition v.1.14, followed by perspective on the power of responsive themes, and the Magento 2 release.

Mark also elaborated on eBay's Inc.'s Connected Commerce vision, and the importance of the relationship between Magento and eBay Enterprise. Together, and with the scale of eBay, Magento has unique insights into the fast-changing expectations of an increasingly multiple-channel consumer, and they have deep awareness and expertise in the rapidly evolving technologies that are fueling this consumer transformation. This provides Magento’s advantage, and lies at the heart of Magento’s Commerce Technology strategy.

The Power of Magento’s Responsive New Releases

Paul Boisvert, Magento's Director of Product Management, joined Mark on stage to speak in more detail about today's Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 and Community Edition 1.9 releases, specifically new responsive features, faster time to market, and additional payment and financing options.

The development of the responsive reference design theme has been an extraordinary collaboration across the Magento ecosystem, spanning the Magento product team, the incredible commitment of Magento Gold Solution Partner Classy Llama, and responsive trailblazer and the founder of Gravity Department, Brendan Falkowski. Kurt Theobald, the Co-Founder and CEO of Classy Llama, came to the stage to speak to the new responsive theme, and elaborated that the new responsive reference theme encompasses all major flows, product types, and top features—like checkout and account management—and uses modern technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery. Further, he explained that the customizations are easier than before with a simplified default theme and infinite fallback capabilities.

Christopher Murray, eCommerce Manager at 3M, spoke to how the responsive theme was helping them re-launch multiple multinational sites quickly and efficiently, and Mark closed out the topic with more examples of how Magento customers are seeing success using the new responsive theme: Halluhber, a trend-savvy women’s fashion brand that operates over 180 shops throughout Europe, as well as the Conran Shop, a luxury housewares and furnishing brand based in the UK.

Magento 2: The Big Step Forward

eBay Enterprise CTO Brent Peters spoke in detail on the architecture and benefits of Magento 2, and how it is a huge step forward architecturally and technologically for the Magento platform:

• Standardization on jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3, with additional support for PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6
• Enhanced API's extending core functionality covering more actions, with further efficiencies to reduce calls
• Modular code allowing developers to make finer gain changes that don’t impact other areas of the code
• Separation of business logic from the presentation layer, reducing the need to cut, copy and paste code by 80%

With a Developer Beta to be released this year in Q4, and a General Release in Q1, 2015, Mark went on to say that Magento 2 represents a maturing of the Magento platform, with greater structure and definition in place so that will be easier and faster to install, deploy, customize, extend, and upgrade. Best of all, the Magento 2 platform will be released as both open source and as an Enterprise version. This testament will mark the largest contribution in recent years that eBay Inc. is making to the open source, open commerce movement that Magento started.

Mark closed out his keynote with the assurance that Magento is well positioned to build on our tremendous momentum throughout 2014 and beyond. "We’ve brought together a fantastic portfolio of products and services across Magento, eBay Enterprise, and our fantastic community, and we’ve laid a strong foundation to ensure that merchants can be more agile, more flexible and have more choices to innovate and iterate as they grow. Together we are transforming the future of commerce!"