#RoadtoImagine 2019: Capturing Exceptional Experiences

April 15, 2019

eCommerce Conferences - Road to Imagine

The JINS flagship store in San Francisco is featured in the photograph above. JINS is rethinking the optical experience with a gorgeous showroom for customers to browse while an "intricately-designed" robot custom makes their new glasses.

The hallmarks of the Magento community are collaboration, contribution, and commitment to excellence. Whether you’re flipping through the recommendations from the Masters of Commerce or attending a community-hosted event or Imagine, you quickly realize that what makes these experiences uniquely Magento is the sharing and inspiration that the 380,000 community members from around the world draw from each other. This isn’t a “tell me what you want me to do” kind of culture but one that’s all about “tell me about the problem you’re tackling so we can solve it together.”

So, in that spirit of collaboration, we invite you to share the commerce experiences that have wowed and inspired you over the past 12 months. Whether it was a beautifully-written bit of commerce code or a full-fledged customer experience, we want to hear about what’s inspired you on your #RoadtoImagine 2019. What’s propelled you to dream bigger, reach higher and work harder in commerce?

  1. Share a photo or video of the commerce experience that’s inspired you on Twitter or Instagram

  2. Tell us what about the experience inspired you

  3. Tell us how it inspired you

*Be sure tag your submissions with #roadtoimagine and #MagentoImagine, and tag us @magentocommerce on Instagram Stories so we can share to our stories.

Bonus points for Magento-powered experiences but any and all inspiring commerce experience submissions welcomed. We will highlight the best of these commerce experiences during the general session at Imagine 2019. 

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