Amazon Sales Channel in Magento Is Now Available in the U.K.

October 22, 2019

By: Jason Woosley,

Vice President, Commerce Product & Platform

, Adobe

Amazon Sales Channel in Magento Now Available in UK.

There was a lot of excitement amongst Magento brands and merchants when we recently announced Amazon Sales Channel extension for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source at Imagine.   

It’s no secret that consumers today are hyper-connected and using more touchpoints in their commerce journey. This not only applies to how they shop—whether it’s browsing online while at work, on a smartphone or checking out products in-store—but also where they ultimately click the “Buy” button: on a brand’s owned channel or on an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay and others.

Try a simple Google search on Amazon and you’ll run into a seemingly endless stream of stats about why it’s so important to list your products on the marketplace. For example, Amazon said that Prime Day this year was the “largest shopping event in Amazon history,” and some suggest that Amazon has accounted for 44 percent of US e-commerce sales, if not more. Ultimately, by having a presence on Amazon, it’s likely that you can reach a far bigger customer base, and Amazon indisputably knows how to keep its customers shopping on its site by offering incentives like one-day shipping.

This is why the Amazon Sales Channel extension in Magento can be such an incredibly powerful tool for merchants that are trying to grow their business.  

Announcing Amazon Sales Channel Extension for Europe

At MagentoLive Europe, I’m excited to announce that the Amazon Sales Channel extension is now also available for the Amazon U.K. Marketplace, with support for additional European territories arriving next year. This means that regardless of the Magento merchant’s location, they’re able to utilize the extension to list their products in the Amazon U.K. Marketplace. This already holds true for the other territories where the Amazon Sales Channel extension is already available, including the U.S., Canada and Mexico. 

Since the launch of Amazon Sales Channel extension in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, we’ve seen really strong adoption from Magento merchants. Today, hundreds of brands have downloaded the extension and are now managing over 200K product listings on Amazon. Additionally, the gross merchandise volume has doubled month over month, and the number of sellers with product listings on Amazon has also increased close to 20 percent month over month as well. 

How Brands Benefit from the Amazon Sales Channel Extension for Magento

Amazon Sales Channel removes the barriers to entry for Magento merchants trying to gain a foothold in Amazon and reduces friction for those already selling on Amazon by allowing them to quickly integrate their catalog, establish a bi-directional data flow and start managing listings from their Magento admin. By seamlessly integrating their Magento store with multiple Amazon accounts and regions, merchants can make their Magento Admin the central hub for all their critical Amazon marketplace activities, thereby reducing data silos, removing operational friction, and eliminating additional integration costs. You can read more about the benefits of the extension here.

Visit here to learn about all the new capabilities to our commerce platform that’s being announced at MagentoLive Europe.