Building on A Record 2017

January 23, 2018

Building on A Record 2017

The world of Magento burst into 2018 so fast, I’m amazed that we’re still only in January! Already so many important events around the world have taken place, including MeetMagento India and NRF 2018 in New York. MagentoLive Australia is right around the corner. And can you believe we are just 12 weeks away from Imagine 2018? There’s plenty to be excited about as we look ahead to another fast-paced year of growth and change. Yet 2017 marked such a transformational year for Magento and our community, it deserves a look back before we charge forward.

From a company standpoint, we saw amazing growth in the number and size of new B2B and B2C clients adopting the Magento platform, with 90% growth in new bookings coming from a diverse group of global brands such as Easy Spirit, Rossignol, Ashok Leyland, and many others. This impressive momentum was the result of many factors. Our Global Solution Partners deserve a lot of credit, and I can’t thank them enough for what they accomplished in 2017. Already 300+ strong in number, we added 50 new partners in 2017. This diverse, global and talented group of firms enabled us to acquire over 700 new enterprise clients and to implement more multi-product solutions than ever in our history. Magento Commerce (Cloud) represented forty percent of our new bookings. The now native B2B Module drove 100% growth in B2B and Hybrid B2B/B2C use cases. And, Magento Order Management and Business Intelligence gained strong traction with new and existing Magento clients. 

With the strongest Solution Partner network and the most complete enterprise commerce suite of products in the industry, we continued to make significant investments in sales, marketing, channel, and customer success professionals to engage with our partners, customers and developers across the globe, like never before. I’m amazed and proud of the talent and dedication of the people who work for Magento! We’ll continue to expand resources in the field during 2018. So if you are a partner, customer or developer, you can expect big things in 2018 from your Magento representatives.

Tracking the health and growth of the Magento Community is always an important indicator for me to gauge how we’re doing. We only exist as a company because of the Magento Community. In 2017, every indicator was off the charts with positive news! Just look at Magento Forums as a sign of engagement—up 45% over last year with nearly 300,000 active members. And Magento Meetups, those community-driven occasions that happen all over the world, doubled in 2017 in both number of events and attendees.  There’s never been a greater desire for the community to engage with each other, learn together and collaborate to make Magento better.  

But the most exciting development for me was the success of the Community Engineering program. Launched less than a year ago, the number of unique contributors quickly outnumbered our internal engineering team. In fact, it’s now more than double! The number of improvements and enhancements submitted by the Community (including Instant Purchase) represented 24 percent of the code we delivered in Magento Open Source during 2017. An astounding indicator of innovation, collaboration, and overall vibrancy of the Magento Developer Community.

Finally, our customers are the real heroes of 2017, deserving of our collective appreciation and thanks. With customer expectations continually increasing, technology change accelerating, and competition growing, the role of the digital transformation professional has never been more front-and-center, in every business, across every industry. And in 2017, the pace of innovation and change we introduced ourselves was very much on the minds of our customers. I’m always humbled by the decisions these commerce trailblazers make when they lead their companies down the path of transformation. When they choose Magento Cloud and engage with a Magento Solution Partner, they are putting the future of their companies in our collective hands. Industry accolades are one measure of how well we are delivering for our clients (they don’t get awarded without strong client references and endorsements). We received plenty of honors in 2017 that we should all be proud of (read about them here, here, here). As partners and as a community, we can never do a “good enough” job at delivering for our clients. In 2018, our challenge is to make each and every customer get the most of the world’s most powerful commerce platform. Together, we will accomplish this goal through better coordination and collaboration as well as deeper learning and training and even higher levels of contribution.

Thank you for making 2017 a huge success for all of Magento. In 2018, we can make every Magento customer feel the way Isreal Ausfresser does about Magento:

“Magento has been instrumental in our ability to rapidly scale our digital presence and deliver an exceptional omnichannel experience for our customers across the globe. The enterprise performance, security, and flexibility baked into the Magento platform, coupled with a global ecosystem of top commerce experts and innovators, has allowed us to consistently deliver highly personalized experiences at a much lower TCO than other solutions.”
- Israel Ausfresser, IT manager at Focus Camera, an Internet Retailer Top 1000 company