Announcing Early Access Program for Magento Commerce Product Recommendations

October 22, 2019

By: Jason Woosley,

Vice President, Commerce Product & Platform

, Adobe

Magento Commerce Product Recommendations Early Access Program

Earlier this year we announced a robust product roadmap to augment Magento Commerce with enterprise-grade capabilities to empower our SMB and mid-market companies to deliver superior shopping experiences to their customers,  compete effectively and, rapidly scale their business.

Since Imagine 2019, our work around Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei—our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology—has garnered a lot of enthusiasm from our customers as it speaks to our core tenets around enabling brands to leverage data and insights to drive real-time relevance and personalized experiences.

At MagentoLive Europe, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve made great strides in bringing this powerful feature into the hands of Magento merchants. Starting in January of next year, we will be opening the Early Access Program to Magento Commerce customers. Once the program kicks off, participating merchants will be able to embed the feature in their Magento storefront and reap the benefits immediately.

Research has shown that product recommendations alone—when executed correctly—can help increase sales by up to 30 percent for retailers. For multi-brand marketplaces like Amazon, product recommendations are even more important and drive as much as 35 percent of revenue.

Benefits of the Magento Commerce Product Recommendations Feature

Product Recommendation Software - eCommerce

Our AI-powered product recommendations feature is the only one of its kind to be built into Magento and powered by Sensei. Key benefits include:

  • Instantaneous gathering and analyzing of shopper behavior

  • Highly personalized product recommendations

  • Increased sales by adding product recommendations to relevant store pages like the product details page

  • Defined global exclusion categories that take into account important business contexts such as inventory or pricing level

  • Custom product recommendations widgets across your site, built using flexible APIs

Magento has always been focused on democratizing robust capabilities to help merchants and brands of all sizes compete and grow. Our Product Recommendations feature powered by Adobe Sensei is only one of many capabilities that we’re working on to leverage data and give Magento Commerce merchants a direct way to deliver more relevant commerce experiences to their customers.

For an overview of our news at MagentoLive Europe, visit here.