A Farewell Message from Mark Lavelle

April 18, 2019

A Farewell Message from Mark Lavelle

It was great to see so many Magento clients and partners amongst the 17,000+ attendees at Adobe Summit this month in Las Vegas. The scale of the event matches the inspiring scope of Adobe’s Experience Cloud vision. I was proud to see Magento Commerce fully integrated into Adobe Commerce Cloud alongside Adobe’s Marketing, Advertising, and Analytics Clouds. Less than a year since Magento joined Adobe, Making every moment personal, and every experience shoppable went from concept to reality! If you missed Jason Woosley’s mainstage keynote, you definitely want to catch it here.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the acquisition, we are well ahead of the goals we set to drive more value for our stakeholders, accelerate our product roadmap, leverage Adobe’s incredible scale to serve more customers across every industry, and advance our mission of using technology to connect and empower more merchants than ever before.  

As a direct result of the progress we’ve made on all fronts, this week we took further steps to fully integrate the Magento sales, marketing, and product teams by aligning all functions within the Adobe Experience Cloud business unit. These organizational changes accelerate the pace of innovation by allowing our commerce teams to collaborate more seamlessly with their Adobe counterparts.

I decided that this moment also marks the right time for me to step aside as the commerce leader within Adobe. This is a bittersweet decision for me. Being a part of the Magento community for the last eight years means more to me than I can put into words. But I made this decision knowing that as part of Adobe, everything we worked to build and preserve about Magento will continue to grow and thrive. In addition to integrating our product platform, Adobe has embraced the open ecosystem that makes us so special. Our clients, partners, and developers will see tremendous new opportunities to create incredible experiences for their customers, to grow and expand their businesses, and to innovate on top of the industry’s most advanced digital experience platform.

I’ve had the great privilege of helping guide Magento to where it is today. Never about a single leader, Magento’s strength comes from an empowered global community of individuals who are masters of their craft, passionate about making clients successful, and dedicated to an ethos of collaboration, contribution and caring for the broader community. Rest assured that Magento leaders are committed to deepening and expanding their relationship with this community. This ethos will grow stronger and impact more people as this next chapter evolves within Adobe.

To our clients, partners, and developers who taught me so much, stayed with us, and believed in us—I sincerely thank you. 

To the Magento team that came before me, began this journey with me and joined us along the way, you are the best, and it has truly been an honor to work with each of you.  

As part of Adobe, I know the best is yet to come. The team is looking forward to seeing all of you at Imagine 2019!