International Women’s Day 2018: Insights and Inclusion

March 8, 2018

International Women’s Day 2018: Insights and Inclusion

The theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is #PressforProgress, with inclusion as an important driver for change. Magento Commerce is privileged to foster a global community that values diversity in all its forms; we know it is diversity of culture, gender, ideas, and attitudes that makes Magento great.

As a company, we are making progress and we’re proud to have increased our Executive female leadership in 2017, reflecting in an Executive team that is 42% female. In line with increasing the number of women at Magento Commerce and in support of women in technology, we have made a commitment to increase female speakers across all our hosted conferences, like Imagine 2018. We will be featuring a diversity session at this year’s event and we invite you to take our survey to let us know what you would be interested in discussing.

So we would like to share the insights of a handful of the women speakers who have inspired us in the last few years:   

Business Leadership

Kate Morris – Founder of Adore Beauty @morris_kate

The 3 pillars of launching and growing business – Keynote at MagentoLive Australia 2018

  1. Purpose – Purpose is what your brand is about and why you’re doing what you’re doing; it keeps you focused and motivated.

  2. Building Relationships – Building relationships is about looking for partnerships that add value to your business.

  3. Love – Love helps you truly connect with your customers. When you put love into what you do, customers respond to that.


Jessica Herrin – CEO of Stella & Dot @JessicaHerrin

7 Ps of entrepreneurship – keynote at Imagine 2017

  1. Be positive – Are you actually cultivating a positive mindset so you can learn to see opportunity instead of obstacles?

  2. Be productive – Are you focused on the right idea and positioning yourself or your organization to get it done?

  3. Don’t get daunted – If you don’t cultivate a mind that can change that rapidly and stay focused when you encounter a wall, you won’t innovate fast enough. Get comfortable with walls and seize them as ways to create value.

  4. Outdo your own self – Embody the mentality: “We need to be the company that puts the former us out of business.”

  5. Seize the opportunity around you – “Flexible income won’t ever stop being an important thing,” Herrin noted, of her discovery moment. “I wanted to modernize and create that for people.”

  6. Minimize victim mode and focus your mind on curiosity. “When you get out of that mentality and focus optimistically, you’ll see the answer right in front of you.”

  7. Listen, learn, and adapt— “Learn with data and iterate your business.”


Jenna Fallon –  eCommerce Director at Yakima

On making customers part of the brand – session at Imagine 2016
“Photography plays a big roll in that. We use real people out doing outdoors-y type things, whether they’re on a bike or going for a hike, so all of the photography across Yakima and our social networks is real people. We try to bring all of that imagery together across social and even on the product pages, and really connect the dots between the product and what [customers] are going to be doing with the product; having [customers] visualize themselves in that setting and inspire them to buy the product.


Sherrie Rohde – Community Manager at Magento Commerce @sherrierohde

On sharing ideas – from “How to Get Involved in the Magento Community”
“Community is about having actual conversations with people where they talk, and then you talk, and maybe other people talk. When you see a question that you can answer, do, and when you see answers that have been offered that you can add to, add your thoughts. This doesn’t mean your answers need to agree with answers from other community members, or that your advice will be taken. The important piece is that you chime in and offer your ideas. You might actually make genuine friends in the process (I did).”


Rebecca Brocton – eCommerce Solution Specialist at JH and Magento Champion @RebeccaBrocton

Tips for productivity – from her Magento Q&A blog
“I get distracted easily. It’s something I have to really fight against. What I have to do is take away all distractions. This week I was working on a B2B webinar and needed to focus, so I wrapped myself in a blanket at home, turned my emails off, turned my Slack off, turned the TV off, put on some classical music, and focused. I don’t think I moved for eight hours.”