Introducing the Magento B2B Resource Hub

November 1, 2017

B2B Resource Hub

The B2B industry is rapidly evolving, creating significant opportunities in digital commerce. Is your business keeping pace? Prepare for the future of commerce by arming your business with the right resources to address your unique challenges. Introducing the Magento B2B Resource Hub, a new content center designed to offer valuable industry insights, strategies, and tactics. This hub is your resource center for planning, implementing, and maintaining your next digital transformation project.

Today’s customer expectations are changing fast and the pressure to move to digital is increasing. For many business owners, making the transition to digital can be overwhelming. The complexities of moving your sales team online, combined with back system integrations and managing a new digital frontier may leave you wondering where to begin. But with the right resources, taking the next step doesn’t need to be complicated.

In this hub, you will find tools, content, and events to help your B2B company gain the competitive edge in this evolving industry. Get started today by downloading the latest content offerings from our community of industry experts and innovators.

What you’ll find in the hub:

  • Insights on how the B2B commerce landscape is evolving

  • How to reduce cost of service for improved profitability

  • Expert advice on how to get your digital transformation started

  • Information on how to streamline the customer buying experience

  • Tips for staying competitive and driving B2B growth

  • B2B industry benchmark reports for comparison

Visit the Magento B2B Resource Hub today and discover new insights to support your digital transformation, deliver winning buyer experiences, and enhance your growth tactics. 

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