Leveraging Magento Commerce New Features In Times Of Limited Resources And Social Distancing

April 28, 2020

By: Carlos Ortega,

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Magento Commerce

, Adobe


COVID-19 is disrupting lives and businesses around the world. The constraints business owners now face have made evident the importance of having a digital presence. Agile and streamlined processes that allow merchants to quickly adapt to new market circumstances and adjust their strategies are more important than ever.

We recently launched a Business Acceleration page that curates a wealth of guidance, best practices, and resources from across our global ecosystem to help merchants navigate these uncertain times and set themselves up for sustained success. Furthermore, with the latest release of Magento Commerce, we are introducing enhancements to improve our merchants’ capabilities, security, and performance while allowing them to provide unparalleled shopping experiences to their customers. Likewise, we continue to bring to market features that, now more than ever, will prove invaluable by allowing merchants to react swiftly to rapid changing conditions around the world.

Today, the latest Magento Commerce release doubles down on that promise by:

• Putting powerful AI technology into the hands of our customers to help them drive growth more efficiently: By integrating Adobe Sensei with our new Product Recommendations feature, we have automated how brands on Magento Commerce can deliver more relevant experiences to every shopper across their storefronts. You can read all about this new feature in our recent Magento blog post.

• Offering more efficient content creation and reuse across multiple sites with Page Builder Templates: With Templates, merchants can save previously created content and layouts reducing time and resources to create engaging content. Use templates to quickly spin up new pages or build out additional localized sites without having to create all content pages from scratch.

Page Builder Templates interface

As businesses have stepped up communications to keep their customers informed about their business health and status around COVID-19, Templates enables merchants to quickly create a basic structure that is relevant to all brands, save it, and then apply it with the corresponding region or brand-specific changes. Read more about Page Builder latest enhancements here.

• Releasing a new version of our Amazon Sales Channel extension that brings a faster and simpler onboarding process, in addition to featuring a new UI with a fresher look and easy-to-read dashboards across stores: Connecting your Magento store with your Amazon Seller account has never been faster, and making strategic decisions by reviewing your Amazon stores and their performance has never been easier.


Amazon Sales Channel New Store Dashboard

Amazon Sales Channel New Home Page - Stores View

Download the latest version from the Magento Marketplace today, and read more about these changes in our User Guide.

We highly recommend you visit our Release notes for a detailed list of all updates included in Magento Commerce.

Other Announcements

 New scenario deployment process for Magento Commerce hosted in our cloud infrastructure.

 Deprecation of Core Payments: As of Magento 2.3.5 all core payment integrations, except PayPal, have been deprecated and merchants should transition to their corresponding Marketplace extensions.

We appreciate you and your partnership, and we look forward to continuing to work with you and the rest of the Magento Community!