Magento Commerce Accelerates Innovation and Time-to-Market for Merchants Seeking to Fuel Global Growth

February 13, 2019

Magento Commerce Accelerates Innovation and Time-to-Market for Merchants Seeking to Fuel Global Growth

Today, at MagentoLive Australia, we are unveiling improvements to our flagship Magento Commerce platform that simplify the upgrade process and improve scalability and performance for global B2B and B2C merchants. These enhancements are designed to spur innovation and enable merchants to get to market faster with the superior, end-to-end shopping experiences today’s consumers demand.

“Customer expectations are evolving at a rapid pace, making it more important than ever for brands to maintain control and be more responsive to changing customer and market trends,” said Jason Woosley, vice president of product and technology. “Open innovation is in our DNA, and our new modular capabilities will allow merchants to more seamlessly scale, continuously innovate, and add new technologies to meet the precise needs of their business.”

Magento Commerce platform enhancements empower merchants to:

  • Rapidly Innovate and Extend Functionality: New modular features will enable brands to upgrade faster, scale further, and more quickly leverage enhancements like PWA Studio, Multi-Source Inventory (MSI), and Page Builder – independent of core product upgrades. MSI is the first of these modules available and will enable distance-based inventory source selection and improved performance for bulk management.

  • Create and Deliver Differentiated Shopping Experiences: Marketers are playing a more integral role in the development of online content and require access to powerful tools to continuously design, test, and lunch new content. PageBuilder, the powerful drag-and-drop editing tool for site content, allows for the creation of best-in-class shopping experiences without creative limits or the need for developer support. Early adopters of PageBuilder report they can create and edit content pages 10 times faster than before.

  • Offer Global Shipping Options: Merchants can now make shipping a more compelling part of the shopping journey. Expanded global availability across 37 countries with support from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other trusted regional carriers helps merchants execute on their cross-border business strategies. New Click & Collect releases provide consumers with more delivery options to increase conversion.

  • Optimize Performance and Usability: Performance and scalability improvements enable enterprises to scale faster, including the ability for B2B and B2B2C businesses to support a high volume of company accounts with 30x the number of associated addresses. Enhancements also reduce time spent on processing orders within the admin interface and allow for uploading larger, higher quality product images without compression. The release also includes significant security enhancements and updates to the latest payment and shipping APIs to ensure a bulletproof operation.

“As a fast-growing, multinational brand with more than 54 stores across Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, we needed a platform that could not only scale with our global expansion, but provide true, multi-source order management, with real-time visibility local inventories in time for the busy holiday season,” stated said Magda Staszczyk, Head of eCommerce for TOUS Poland. “Magento’s enhanced scalability and MSI capabilities, allowed us to improve operational efficiencies and better manage inventories across multiple locations. As a result, our overall revenue grew by nearly 30 percent higher than the previous year’s Black Friday, proving that omnichannel is the key to growth.”.

Magento Commerce platform Enhancements will be globally available in Q2 2019. MSI and PWA Studio are available now with Magento 2.3. To learn more, please visit