Magento Connect Marketplace Updates Quality Requirements

April 21, 2014

By: Marketing Team,


Magento Connect Marketplace Updates Quality Requirements

As the central library of key Magento extensions, the Magento Connect Marketplace is an important element of Magento’s unique approach to the eCommerce platform market: great out-of-the-box functionality coupled with unparalleled flexibility and extensibility to easily customize an online store. Magento merchants look to the Magento Connect Marketplace to extend the functionality of their online stores quickly and easily with minimal cost and coding. In the past two years, Magento Connect Marketplace extensions have been downloaded over 2 million times.

Key to the continued success of the Connect marketplace is making sure that the extensions listed are not only helpful to our merchants, but are also supported by their creators and updated regularly to integrate with our latest product versions.

Updated Quality Control Requirements

As part of our commitment to building a premier eCommerce marketplace for our merchants and developers, Magento has updated its quality control requirements for extensions.

The new requirements will make it easier for merchants to find and download up-to-date extensions, while increasing the overall value of the Magento Connect Marketplace for both merchants and developers. Among the key criteria for extension inclusion in the Magento Connect Marketplace are:

• Support for Magento Community Edition 1.5 and more recent versions
• Four or more referrals within the last six months for paid extensions (unless they went live after June 30, 2013)
• Six or more downloads in the last six months for free extensions (unless they went live after June 30, 2013)

Extensions that don’t meet the updated requirements will be removed from display on Magento Connect starting April 28, 2014.

These measures are enforced consistently across all extensions, and include extensions created by industry partners and developers. About 30% of the extensions in the marketplace will be impacted, and all impacted developers will be informed via email. If applicable, developers whose extensions are delisted on April 28, 2014, can resubmit their extensions once they’ve made updates to meet the criteria, and they’ll even get to keep their existing ratings.

Merchants can continue to use delisted extensions and work with the extensions’ developers for support.

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