Magento Q&A: Rebecca Brocton

December 20, 2017

Magento Q&A: Rebecca Brocton | Magento Blog

One of the Magento community’s most passionate members, Rebecca Brocton is an eCommerce Solutions Specialist for JH in Nottingham, UK. Among fans of her YouTube channel, Rebecca is known as ‘Her Mage-sty.’ 

 Rebecca Brocton | Magento Blog How do you explain what you do, to people outside of eCommerce?
I normally say something like, “I work with the online voodoo that companies use to build online stores!” 

What’s your role in making that magic happen?
I’m like the middleware between the merchant and developers. I understand what merchants actually mean when they say what they want. And I help the developers get the information they need without having to speak to the merchant directly. 

How did you first discover Magento?
I got a job as a junior web developer at a really small web development agency. They said, “This is Magento and we use it to build eCommerce stores. And now you’re going to use it to build eCommerce stores!” It was absolutely mind-blowing, like starting an adventure without a map. 

What has been your biggest Magento achievement?
I don’t normally like saying this, but probably my YouTube channel. Because it’s helped me meet so many people and just exposed me to the magical world of Magento! There’s stuff out there that I think is worth sharing, and that’s what I want to do. 

What’s your favorite feature of Magento 2?
I really like Magento Business Intelligence. It’s really pretty too! We’ve had all this data before, you know it’s there, but you just can’t get to it. Or we couldn’t see it in the way that we wanted. Now we can see exactly what customers are doing, and the patterns involved, and where people are dropping off, if they’re dropping off, and why. It’s also great to show merchants when they’re achieving a 600 percent increase in sales! 

You’re famous for wearing costumes in your videos. Which is your favorite?
I really liked the one I did for Halloween last year, for Magento Monthly. I painted my face like a scary pumpkin. I spent ages on my make up. There was also the classic Supergirl one. That was very make-shift. I printed a Magento logo and taped it to my chest, and got a red pillowcase and stuffed it into the back of my collar. I’m wearing that in one of the main photos you see of me online. 

 Rebecca Brocton | Magento BlogWhat was the last product you purchased online?
A new Christmas jumper. It’s amazing. It’s a piece of holly, with two bottles of gin. It says GIN-gle bells. Get it? I’m so excited to wear it. 

What advice would you give to a newcomer who wants to be involved with the Magento community?
Don’t be scared to get involved. Go to events and put yourself out there, and try and meet people. I know that’s difficult because you can’t always get to many events. Also, if there’s something that you see on Twitter and you have an opinion, or you want to share it, then just share it! 

How do you beat your Twitter anxiety?
When I’ve written a tweet, and I’m deciding whether or not to post it, I like to sing the old theme tune of Dr. Pepper: “What’s the worst that could happen?” And then I click share! 

How many Magento events do you attend in a year?
I only started going to Magento events in June last year. I’ve been to six events this year, including MageTitans Italy, Meet Magento Romania and the Netherlands, and MagentoLive. It’s my first Imagine next year, I am so excited! I have the HUGE honor of speaking! I’ll be doing a breakout session on “Online vs Offline” and how to make allies out of these common enemies. Me, on stage, in Vegas, Imagine 2018! Dream. Come. True. Make sure you’re there!

Who is the coolest person you’ve met through the Magento community?
Sherrie Rohde. I call her Sherrie Rodeo. 

 Rebecca Brocton | Magento BlogYou’re very busy. What are your tips for productivity?
I get distracted easily. It’s something I have to really fight against. What I have to do is take away all distractions. This week I was working on a B2B webinar and needed to focus, so I wrapped myself in a blanket at home, turned my emails off, turned my Slack off, turned the TV off, put on some classical music, and focused. I don’t think I moved for eight hours. 

When the TV is on, what do you like to watch?
Modern Family

Tell us about your daily commute.
I drive 50 miles, from my home in Hednesford, Stafford, to the JH office in Nottingham. I like to use the time to get my brain working in the morning, and to unwind in the evening. If I’m feeling productive I listen to podcasts too. The fastest I’ve done it is one hour and nine minutes. My favorite part of my commute is when I drive over Blithfield Reservoir, it’s just so beautiful to see the reflection of the sunrise on the water. And when I’m on the motorway no one can hear me loudly sing along to Disney songs. 

What do you do for fun?
Work is fun! I like to travel. I’ve been to 17 countries this year.  

What’s your travel tip for 2018?
If you have a free weekend, look for cheap flights and accommodation then just go exploring! I can also recommend visiting Lombok. It’s a tiny volcanic island near Bali. It is so beautiful, and everyone is so friendly. 

You can follow Rebecca’s YouTube Channel here.