Magento Q&A: Trinkel De La Paz

May 10, 2018

Magento Q&A: Trinkel De La Paz

Trinkel joined Magento Commerce in 2013 and is the company’s Art Director. She is the design powerhouse behind the visuals for Imagine 2018.

What inspired the graphics for this year’s theme, “Lead the Charge”?
When I heard the theme, I immediately attached to the word “charge.” It’s an action word and I thought of charging energy. This led to the charge bar design elements. I remembered some good MTV Movie Awards and VMA graphics and used that on the mood board. We have to make so much design collateral for Imagine, and we’re a small team, so I try to think strategically. This year I thought: “what will look good and be fast, that is not too meticulous, and is a little bit more organic?” The bars did that.

This year the General Sessions took place in a new location, the Encore Theatre.
Yeah. We visited the Wynn early this year to do a walk-through. I mentioned to Dan, the Head of Production for Drive, that I wanted multiple smaller screens in the theatre because, in previous years, we used really large screens. This space was smaller, so we needed to figure out a different way to make it cool.

It looked very cool. Where did the multiple screen idea come from?
There’s an animation building In Disney California Adventure. I really liked that they had a bunch of different-sized screens taking over a specific movie. The big screen would show footage from the movie while the small screens show the art and sketches, and I really liked how that looked. Dan helped to bring to life a more practical version of that.

Trinkle De La Paz Mood Board | Magento Blog

So, once leadership approves, then you hit the ground running?
Yeah, and then I figure out the actual rules, color palette, and font style. The mood board is loosely what it’s going to look like, and once they approve it I go into more detail. The style guide takes a while. This is a set of visual rules for designers and producers. It takes a lot of exploration. I chose two to three projects that I know we do at Imagine – like the hanging banner, the easel boards, and the Marketplace. Then I just messed with the design to see what was going to work and from there I started to set the visual guides.

What is your work week typically like the month leading up to Imagine?
My work week was probably 9:30 am to midnight, or later. Kenny Flores, who is another designer on my team, and I probably stay in the office past midnight, but at around 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm, we take a break and play Nintendo Switch. We play a game called Overcooked. It’s a really good teamwork game in which you communicate with other players to cook a dish in a kitchen. If you don’t work together well, the kitchen can catch on fire. We like to think this helps out our teamwork and communication skills.

What part of Imagine 2018’s design worked really well?
I thought the general session presentations looked really good this year. It was hard because of the screen and its four moving panels. I was stressing out the week before because I didn’t know how it would look. Was it even going to move correctly? Was what I imagined in my head, and on my small screen, going to translate on stage? These were things I was really worried about. But it worked out well and I think it looked really nice.

Were you ever scared that one of the screens would fall on Phillip Jackson or Jamie Foxx?
No, but I was scared that they wouldn’t connect. They swing. So, when they come together, they just CLUNK and sometimes if they’re swinging too much they wouldn’t really line up.

When did you breathe a sigh of relief?
The Legendary Party. At least for me. Kenny and Claudia [Penwell] still had work to do the next day. But after Jamie Foxx, we were in a good place. Hearing the positive reactions from attendees and from my Magento co-workers at the party really set me at ease too. 

How did you decompress post-Imagine?
Kenny and I tried to decompress by the pool the next day. We spent our last night not sleeping, but instead, we stayed up late discussing Disney versus Pixar. You know March Madness brackets, where you pick your teams? There’s brackets for Disney and Pixar movies. We stayed up until 4 am debating which movies would go in which bracket [Laughs].

Hmm. Anything more relaxing than that?
I got a Thai massage, but it wasn’t really relaxing. [Laughs]. My shoulders were so tense from working, that it was like torture.

Maybe you need another pool day.

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