Magento Unveils Hands-Free Shopping, Robot-Assisted Retail and Other Commerce Innovations at MagentoLive Europe

October 22, 2019

By: Michele Miller,

Sr. Manager, Solutions Innovation

, Adobe

Hands free Shopping - eCommerce platforms

We are at an inflection point in the evolution of commerce. Over the last decade, great strides have been made in narrowing the “experience gap” between online and in-store shopping, but now, the industry is beginning to tap into maturing technologies like AI/machine learning and augmented reality (AR), among others. This next wave of change will bring to light new innovations that will enhance the shopping experience as we know it and redefine how retailers run their businesses in the near future.  

At MagentoLive Europe, we’ll give a sneak peek into cutting edge commerce tech coming out of the Magento Innovations Lab, a program meant to shine a light on early-stage, experimental implementations of emerging technologies built upon the Magento eCommerce platform. 

Attendees will get an exclusive look at innovative technology with the potential to significantly transform the industry. These innovations come directly from the Magento community — heroes on the ground pushing the boundaries of possibility. From developers to technology partners, each inventor taps their specific area of expertise to build innovations on top of Magento’s robust and flexible platform. The intention is to make the technology broadly available, for retailers of any size to adopt and better compete in the market. 

We’ll be showcasing four “Commerce Sneaks” at MLEU, including: 

In-store purchases on the fly: Shopping in-store often takes longer than needed thanks to long waiting lines and inefficient technology at checkout. Nitish Kumar of Webkul Software shows how PWA Scan & Go, an innovation leveraging Magento PWA Studio to build a Progressive Web App on top of a Magento Store, can be utilized to help shoppers make the most of their time spent at the store. Customers simply scan the item’s barcode and bag items as they shop. Payment happens directly using the customer’s mobile device and once the transaction is completed the customer receives an order confirmation with a QR code, which is later validated at the time of the customer's exit.

Hands-free shopping: The ability to shop retail and have a seamless experience should be an opportunity that is accessible to everyone, including people dealing with motor disabilities. Abhishek Jaiswal of CedCommerce shares his vision for Head-On Shopping, an innovation that allows shoppers to have a seamless shopping experience without the need to use their hands. Head movement tracking via Apple’s ARKit allows shoppers to navigate through the various shopping actions like product selection, quantity selection, and checkout - completely hands-free.

Shaking up retail commerce with Pepper the robot: The experience of shopping retail will never be the same with Pepper the humanoid robot by your side helping to make purchasing decisions from start to finish. From helping customers sort through products and showing which items are in stock, to advising customers on the ideal purchasing choice based on their reactions, interaction with Pepper is innovative and makes shopping more immersive. Wiktoria Serek of SNOW.DOG demonstrates how Pepper is capable of registering, understanding and reacting to human emotions. Equipped with a 3D camera, omnidirectional wheels and directional microphones, Pepper is interactive, autonomous and ready for intuitive communication. 

Seamless checkout and payment experiences: Removing friction and distraction from the checkout process has the power to dramatically improve revenue for today’s merchants. Based on learnings from the Mobile Optimization Initiative community with nearly one billion in transactions tested, Ali Ahmed of Imagination Media has created a solution using web standards for Magento to optimize the checkout process. Built using the Payment Request API for Magento 2 with Braintree and PayPal’s Express Checkout, this innovation enables merchants to access seamless and secure checkout while improving the overall commerce experience for customers

Visit here to learn about all the new capabilities to our commerce platform that’s being announced at MagentoLive Europe.