New DevDocs Design Enables Efficient Development

December 15, 2016

By: Marketing Team,


New DevDocs Design Enables Efficient Development

Magento is boosting developer productivity with a new design for The new navigation and design accelerate access to the most critical documentation, empowering both new and seasoned developers to quickly find answers to Magento 2 coding questions.

A little background: two years ago we had three full technical guides; today we have 17. We needed a design to support this growth ̶ one that would categorize our documentation so it is easy to find related topics and highlight important “onboarding” books. We also wanted to dedicate more space to our most important resource: our community.

We started by conducting extensive user research. We reviewed feedback from our community; looked at GitHub issues and pull requests, tweets, and emails to determine what topics were difficult to find, what books were most frequently discussed, and how our users categorize DevDocs topics.  

This research led to our new design, which is the first of several initiatives to improve DevDocs usability. The redesign includes the following highlights:

  • Simplified homepage, with the most important books categorized to aid in quick findability

  • Contributor section that highlights our recent top contributors

  • A cleaner look-and-feel to the content pages

  • Community Resources page, with links to blogs, presentations, and other materials created by our community

  • The ability to copy code examples directly from the document page to your clipboard

  • What’s New in DevDocs, a topic that highlights new and updated content (like a changelog)

By default, the DevDocs home page always displays documentation for the latest version, but you can easily switch to a different one using the “version toggle” in the upper right corner of every page. Also worth noting is that the Search function shows 2.0.x and 2.1.x documentation results separately, or you can view all results together on a single page.

We will continue our redesign work into the first half of 2017. The focus for the next phase of improvement will be a deeper dive into the content, meaning both adding new content and restructuring much of the existing content.

We look forward to continuing to advance Magento developer documentation, and to implementing content, design, and navigation improvements that help you succeed in all of your Magento 2 work. We want to hear your feedback, suggestions or questions. Connect with us on GitHub or Twitter @MagentoDevDocs.