New Magento Hosting & Performance Partner Program

September 1, 2015

By: Travis Eiland,

Sr. Manager, Hosting & Cloud Partnerships

, Magento

New Magento Hosting & Performance Partner Program

Hosting, whether on-premise or cloud-based, is a critical decision for Magento merchants. It involves key considerations around scalability, application acceleration, caching, security, and database performance to provide the best consumer experience. We are launching a new Hosting & Performance Partner Program to foster deeper technology alignment, execution quality, and strategic marketing across a broader range of partners.

Hosting and performance considerations strike at the heart of online businesses. Brands strive to deliver the most innovative experiences that engage and delight their loyalists, customers, and net-new prospects. Your infrastructure keeps your doors open, and more importantly, it keeps the guest list infinite. Site performance not only effects your brand but plays a vital role in time to first byte, conversion and shopping cart abandonment rates, concurrent users, time on-site, cart sizes, multi-channel user experience, and SEO rankings, to name a few. Performance is the first major consideration before you invest your hard-earned returns and rollout the next big integrated marketing campaign.

“Merchants are penetrating new markets quicker, demanding tighter security, and transacting highest order volumes in shorter time spans than ever before,” said Marty Armstrong, Director, Alliance Partners at eBayEnterprise and Magento. “This new Hosting & Performance Partner Program will help ensure that we have the best partners in our ecosystem to address these merchant and consumer needs.”

To make sure your site is ready to perform at peak this holiday season, reach out to our best-of-breed Hosting & Performance Partners.