Pioneers of Magento’s Partner Audit

December 18, 2015

By: Marketing Team,


Pioneers of Magento’s Partner Audit

At MagentoLive Australia, we announced the Partner Audit, a rigorous process that provides standards and guidelines to validate the quality of product integrations with Magento Commerce Solutions. The process involves documentation review and a formal Code Audit that adheres to Magento Expert Consulting Group best practices, development guidelines and auditing tools. The Code Audit verifies that extensions are developed according to Magento standards and best practices for coding structure, performance, and scalability.

The end goal of this program is to ensure a higher level of confidence and satisfaction with merchants and solution partners, while providing market differentiation for Magento technology partners and developers.

Over the last few months, Magento has worked with a handful of select providers, not only to audit their extensions, but to also be able to develop a more smooth and streamlined partner certification program. Magento is extremely grateful for the efforts of these pioneers. They are helping to shape the future of this program and have put in work that will benefit future providers who seek certification.

Among the audited providers are:

aheadWorks’ Ajax Cart Pro was the first extension audited by Magento and was developed for effortless adding and removing products from the shopping cart. aheadWorks has developed a wide range of modules extending native Magento functionality: sales motivation, user experience, social networking integration, customer care and support, content improvement, analytics, administration, marketing. The company is officially recognized as Magento Silver Partner.

HiConversion is a Magento connector that enables the use of all customer experience analytics, web analytics, testing, targeting, personalization, and customer experience optimization capabilities of the HiConversion product suite. This one-time integration saves merchants from custom tagging and other implementation pains associated with traditional web analytics, testing, and personalization solutions. HiConversion is a Magento Silver Partner.

Fooman has three audited extensions. Their Order Manager extension is available now in the Marketplace and then their next two extensions will be available for the M2 launch. Order Manager offers easy administration, customizations, and integrations. Fooman is a Magento Silver Partner. One of fooman’s extensions is on

Keep an eye out for our next blog highlighting additional audited extensions.