Magento Previews Magento Sales and Advertising Channels

October 9, 2018

By: Corey Dulimba,

Senior Product Manager

, Magento

Magento Sales Channel for ecommerce platforms

As the bellwethers of commerce and search, Amazon and Google significantly impact all businesses. Recent industry statistics bear this out:

  • Amazon accounts for 44% of US online retail sales[1]

  • In 2017, for the first time in Amazon’s history, more than half of the units sold on Amazon worldwide were from third-party sellers, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)[2]

  • There are 2.3 million Google searches per minute[3]

  • Google commands 37.2% of the digital advertising market[4]

Moreover, 60 percent of Magento merchants already sell on Amazon marketplaces[5], with 92 percent of these merchants expecting their Amazon channel revenue to grow in the next 12 months[6].

Magento Sales Channel was designed to empower merchants to grow their revenue by seamlessly selling and distributing on Amazon through their Magento Admin panel. Magento Sales Channel is a free extension that can integrate with multiple Amazon accounts, allowing merchants to turn their Magento Admin into a hub for all their critical marketplace activities, removing operational friction and additional integration costs.

A Full-Featured Amazon Integration Solution

The cost of Amazon integration, in terms of both money and time, can be a hurdle to accessing Amazon marketplace customers. It often requires technical integration, in-house staff expertise, an integration service, and ongoing workflow management. Instead, Magento Sales Channel is a built-in native ecommerce solution where you can seamlessly integrate your catalog with Amazon and manage all product listings, orders, repricing rules, and SKU level overrides directly from the Magento Admin panel.

A key challenge for Amazon integrations is inefficient data management, where it can be difficult to synchronize reporting and operations between the commerce platform and Amazon. You may even incur middleware costs in order to synchronize your data. With Magento Sales Channel, you can manage data analytics directly in the Magento catalog as a single source of continuously synchronized data with Amazon. This makes your integration more stable with fewer points of possible failure, while ensuring you're always showing the most up-to-date inventory and pricing for your products.

With Magento Amazon Sales Channel, you get:

  • Listing Management – Easily sync your products to an Amazon marketplace using listing rules, and build new products in Magento from Amazon listings.

  • Intelligent Pricing – 90% of sales are from the Amazon Buy Box position. With Amazon Sales Channel, you can leverage Magento competitive intelligent repricing to automatically reprice your Amazon listings to increase the chances of winning the Buy Box.

  • Inventory Management – Automatically maintain inventory synchronization between your catalog and Amazon listings and utilize inventory marketing tactics on Amazon to increase urgency to buyers.

  • Fulfillment Management –  Choose to fulfill your own orders, use fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or a combination to get orders into your customers' hands.

  • Order Management – Managing your orders is easy from a centralized location within the Magento sales order grid. From a single console you can ship orders, cancel orders, and build customer accounts.

“Our experience with Magento has had a positive impact on our business. We attribute our 30% overall business growth to selecting Magento as our eCommerce platform, and learning how to leverage all of its capabilities, including Amazon Sales Channel.”

Melinda Rider, Founder


A Significant B2B Channel

The Amazon marketplace is not just for retail merchants. Amazon realizes over $10 billion in annualized business sales, with millions of B2B business customers, and hundreds of thousands of business sellers. Magento Sales Channel lets Business to business merchants expand their reach by seamlessly selling on Amazon Business, with direct Magento catalog integration, centralized order and inventory management, and intelligent competitive pricing optimization.

Leverage Google Automation and Machine Learning to Improve Your Digital Advertising Results within Magento

Google ads excel when it comes to capturing traffic with high intent to purchase. When a user types “pink trail running shoes” into the search box, with one click, Google will take them to the eCommerce website where they're ready to purchase. Businesses of any size looking to increase their conversion and brand awareness need to consider advertising with Google Shopping ads. They account for 60 percent of clicks on Google.

Magento Previews Magento Sales and Advertising Channels

Streamline Managing Google Merchant Center and Google Ads

There are two steps to advertising with Google. The first is to get your product data into Google Merchant Center (GMC). After that you can set up your ads based on the product data that has been successfully uploaded into GMC. However, these two steps can be time-intensive and costly. Depending on the complexity of your product catalog, it can take days or even weeks to optimize it for Google. Maintaining and managing product catalog freshness can prove daunting. You don’t want to advertise out-of-stock items or show incorrect prices on Google. Once you've successfully uploaded your product catalog to GMC, you can start advertising. However, advertising on Google can be very complex. Who should you target? When should you show your ads? Where should you show them? How can you optimize ads to get the best ROI?

To help merchants simplify advertising on Google and improve their ROI, Magento has partnered with Google to build a native Google Merchant Center and Google Ads integration within the Magento Admin. Magento Advertising Channel will feature:

  • All-in-One Solution – Manage both Google Merchant Center and Google Ads in one end-to-end solution. Many other solutions only offer one or the other, but only both can achieve your advertising goals.

  • Native Integration  Manage your Google advertising through the comfort of your store’s Magento Admin. You won't have to integrate your catalog with yet another platform. Instead, Magento is the single source of truth for all your eCommerce activities.

  • Simple Onboarding and Maintenance  Simplify onboarding and ongoing maintenance using your Magento configurations. Automatically push product changes to Google as they happen inside Magento to ensure your ads are always up-to-date.

  • Smart Shopping Campaigns – Leverage Google’s newest ad type that leverages their machine learning to simplify your ad management, maximize conversion value, and expand your reach. Google will optimize for the highest return on ad spend by automatically choosing which products to advertise, how much to bid, who to target, and what creative to show. Google found that advertisers have seen a more than 20% increase in sales at a similar cost when using Smart Shopping Campaigns. Click HERE to learn more.[7].

Magento Sales Channel will be available in early 2019 for Commerce merchants on 2.2.2 and higher.

Magento Advertising Channel will be available in early 2019 for Commerce and Open Source merchants on 2.2.2 and higher.

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