Set Up Your Magento 2 Development Environment Faster

January 18, 2017

Set Up Your Magento 2 Development Environment Faster

We’re making it faster and easier to develop on Magento 2 with Magento DevBox Beta, a new development environment option. Magento DevBox Beta empowers you to quickly set up all the software you need to start developing. It also helps accelerate issue diagnosis and resolution by serving as a common configuration for testing and reproducing bugs.

Magento DevBox Beta

Magento DevBox Beta is built with Docker. Docker automates the deployment of applications inside software containers that include everything the application needs to run. This makes setting up Magento 2 faster and easier: you can install an optimally-configured instance of the Magento 2 software and all necessary development environment components with a single command.

The Magento DevBox Beta container is available for both Mac and Windows and works with the latest versions of Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition software. It includes a web server and MySQL database server by default. And you can configure it to include a Redis data cache server, a Varnish page cache, Elasticsearch search technology, and RabbitMQ message queues. All included tools are configured for development and are not intended for production deployment.

Magento is releasing DevBox as a beta, so you can immediately benefit from the streamlined setup experience it offers, while we continue to make enhancements. We’re eager to hear your feedback. Please share your input on the Magento DevBox GitHub repository. If you’re interested in learning more about our approach to creating Magento DevBox Beta, be sure to check out Alan Kent’s recent technical post.

Configuration Page

To set up your Magento DevBox Beta environment, go to and click on the banner for the new Magento DevBox Beta configuration page. Using a friendly visual interface, you can quickly select the software version and components you would like to use. You can choose to start a new project or import an existing project (reusing Magento files you have). Eventually, you will also be able to download code from the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition repository.

You can also configure other aspects of your installation: add sample data or technology for caching, search, and message queuing. Once you’ve made your choices, you’ll receive a ZIP file containing a pre-configured environment and Magento 2 software to use on your computer. Just follow the provided instructions to extract the files and get started.

Developer Efficiency

Enabling fast, efficient development on Magento 2 is a key priority. We’ve focused on simplifying the experience with recent updates to DevDocs, free Magento 2 courses, and the Magento DevBox Beta. Take advantage of these available resources to increase your productivity today.