Supporting Our Solution Partners and Developers During These Unprecedented Times

May 6, 2020

By: Gary Specter,

VP & Head of Global Commercial Business

, Adobe

Supporting Our Solution Partners and Developers During These Unprecedented Times

As the impact of COVID-19 reverberates across the world, merchants, suppliers, and channel partners are all adjusting to new business dynamics. While some are experiencing revenue increases, others are seeing a slowdown and in some cases, a total disruption of their business. Adobe is committed to supporting our commerce community and providing impacted customers, partners, and developers with the support and resources they need to navigate this challenging time.

To help Magento Solution Partners in the Adobe Solution Partner Program and the hundreds of developers that they employ, we’re announcing a new program that enables our partners to temporarily allocate their Magento talent to Adobe development projects, including Magento Community Engineering Program initiatives, to help us accelerate the Magento product roadmap.

Magento’s strength has always come from how the technology empowers a global community of merchants, partners and developers to collaborate and execute on every imaginable digital business case. The Magento Community Engineering Program has been an important way to connect the people – inside and outside of Magento -- by fostering openness, collaboration and engagement with individuals and partners developing on the Magento platform. Unique in the commerce industry, our Community Engineering team facilitates and orchestrates contributions from developers globally and allows us to introduce new features, performance improvements and extend our capabilities for the benefit of merchants. Magento Solutions Partners contributed nearly 50 percent of the code in the Community Engineering Program in 2019 and helped develop key features in Magento Multi-source Inventory (MSI), GraphQL, and Adobe Stock integration, among others.

Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World

This initiative will provide our Solution Partners with significant funding to re-deploy skilled Magento development resources and lessen the need to furlough or lay off highly-skilled team members due to business disruptions. The goal of this program is to enable our Solution Partners to plan for recovery and rapidly scale back normal operations once customer project demands pick up in the future.

Contributions can take the form of creating new functionality or updating to existing features, tests, documentation (such as developer guides, user guides, examples, or specifications), bug fixes, optimizations, and more. Priority features for the Community Engineering Program include extending GraphQL and Progressive Web Apps functionalities, integration between Magento and other Adobe applications, and extending B2B capabilities.

Magento Solution Partners that are part of the Adobe Solution Partner Program can learn more about this program, eligibility criteria, and application process by logging into their Magento Solution Partner Portal.

Today, a significant percentage of Adobe’s commerce projects are co-sold with our over 400 Solution Partners worldwide. We’re proud to partner with organizations around the world that share our commitment to helping our joint customers drive commerce success through the Magento platform.

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