Welcome Akeneo PIM as a New Magento Premier Technology Partner

October 9, 2018

By: Peter Sheldon,

Senior Director of Commerce Strategy

, Magento

Welcome Akeneo PIM as a New Magento Premier Technology Partner

Today at MagentoLive Europe in Barcelona, Magento announced a new Premier Partnership with leading Product Information Management (PIM) solution provider Akeneo. Based in Nantes, France, Akeneo offers both open-source and cloud-managed versions of its PIM solution with an integration to the Magento platform.

The availability of product information is a vital ingredient to merchants’ omnichannel strategies. But gathering and managing high-quality data is a major pain point for the majority of merchants. Today companies are in a constant race to launch new products and refresh content across dozens of digital properties, in multiple languages while ensuring quality, consistent and differentiated product content across all their channels. According to Forrester, those without an agile PIM approach risk a competitive disadvantage due to content that’s inconsistent and unengaging. As such, a comprehensive PIM solution is an important part of maximizing content value at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

PIM solutions help aggregate accurate, detailed product information and content from across your business to enable faster time-to-market, easier localization, increased sales conversions, and reduced product returns. For B2B and B2C companies looking to scale or diversify their latest initiatives, having a centralized tool to manage the governance and workflow of product information gathering and creation as well as a centralized system of record for approved, marketing-ready content is a game-changing proposition.

As a Premier Technology Partner, Akeneo now integrates with the Magento platform, allowing product data—such as categories, product families, features and attributes, product models, product variants, images and more—to be managed within Akeneo and directly synced to Magento. This Premier Partnership will offer a deep core integration to address and fulfill the strategic needs of our merchants.

Together, Magento and Akeneo enhance Magento Commerce offerings, especially for B2B manufacturers and distributors for whom managing product data is a must-have capability. The partnership enables merchants with the tools to:

  • Unify product data across Magento, ERP, OMS, CMS and additional back-office systems;

  • Streamline product creation and approval workflows, drastically reducing product launch timelines

  • Publish consistent product content across all digital channels

Akeneo and Magento are natural partners. Both share a common PHP technology stack and have many joint solution partners including Smile, Vaimo, Redbox Digital and Gorilla Group that have already accumulated significant experience implementing our respective platforms together. Furthermore, we count over 80 joint customers including Frankfurt Airport, Lancaster, Rural King and Juzo that already benefit from our combined value proposition.

We are thrilled to welcome Akeneo to the powerful, diverse Magento ecosystem.