Behind the Scenes: Developing the New and Improved Extension Quality Program

March 8, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Developing the New and Improved Extension Quality Program

They say, “Feedback is a gift.”

The Magento Marketplace Product team agrees.

When developers told us that certain process flow and usability issues were stopping them from submitting extensions to Magento Marketplace, we listened.

Marketplace is designed to provide Magento merchants with authentic, high-quality extensions and themes to enhance their eCommerce stores—and it’s one of the most valuable parts of Magento Commerce.

Our team immediately rolled up their sleeves to identify the issues and figure out how to fix them. Our plan was to engage the Magento community to help gather practical and actionable insights that would lead to a better experience when using Magento Marketplace. The result would be a new and improved Extension Quality Program (EQP).

Initial Discovery

It was clear that the submission process needed to be reviewed end-to-end. Our goal was to understand how the community wanted marketplace submissions to work.

First, the team devised a card sorting exercise to help identify the gaps in the current process. They broke down the submission process into “atomic units”—the smallest parts of the process, such as code review, marketplace review time, and the creation of marketing material. Cards were organized into order.

The card sort exercise was critical to developing the new optimized process flow

At Imagine, the team engaged developers who have submitted—or planned on submitting—products to Magento Marketplace. We asked them to organize the cards in a logical flow. The result was a map of their ideal submission experience. And it was awesome.

Immediately, common patterns emerged. Participants shared valuable insights and innovative process flow suggestions, including steps that could happen concurrently, and identifying which steps took the most time.

Solution Design and Validation

The data gathered at Imagine was analyzed as a part of a cross-functional product team. Then we started to design a solution. First, we developed a prototype interface, used to validate the flow and determine that the design met developer’s needs. Then came a larger usability testing effort to ensure the UI was intuitive enough to be used by novices and domain experts alike. After several iterations, we found a version that had clarity across the board.   

Work in progress…The Marketplace UX team during the development process.

The Magento Marketplace Product team is actively working towards implementing these changes, including an optimized submission flow, improved submission review times, and enhanced developer reporting.

Based on the enthusiasm and guidance provided by our users and developers, we can’t wait to roll it out. Be on the lookout for a new and improved Extension Quality Program in the near future.

Join us at Imagine 2018 to get all the details about this and other enhancements to Magento Marketplace.